How To Add Microsoft Dynamics CRM Shortcuts in Outlook in Windows 8

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This is one of those little issues related to CRM usability that is probably easier solved by a CRM newbie than someone who has been working with CRM for a while. In order to add CRM folders to Outlook Favorites in previous versions of Outlook and Windows, it was sometimes necessary to modify the registry.

Details about that can be found here:

This scared some people and the registry would sometimes reset so you would lose your shortcuts.

Unfortunately, that trick does not work with Windows 8; dragging and dropping non-Outlook items to Favorites is not allowed. So we had to come up with another method to put commonly used CRM items in a designated, easy-to-access folder. The following process is specifically related to Outlook 2013.

  1. First, we utilized the 'Shortcuts' area; not the 'Favorites'. Shortcuts in Outlook 2013 are located in the bottom left nav area. (Read about navigating to Shortcuts in 2010 here).

    image from

  2. Right click on 'Shortcuts' and 'New Shortcut Group'. Name your group 'CRM' or whatever you call you system.
  3. Right click on 'CRM' and 'Add New Shortcut'.

  4. Navigate to the CRM folder you would like a shortcut to.

Voila! And what's even better you can add your go-to Outlook items and create a true personalized experience that cuts out the clutter.

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