iFrame technology is used to integrate Dynamics CRM with SharePoint

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I get asked a lot about integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.  With the iFrame technology built natively within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this integration is possible.  The SharePoint view can be brought directly into CRM using iFrames and webparts.

Using the iFrame technology really allows you to seamlessly incorporate other web based applications (not just SharePoint) into your CRM application.  If you think about it, this possibilities are endless.  You can include Maps (using Bing maps), intranet applications, even blog posts like this.

Let’s look at creating an example:

Let us first create the Document Library in SharePoint. Open the SharePoint site, click on “View all site Contents” and then create a Document Library. Type the document library information and hit Create. Note the path of the Document Library. (Ex: http://Server_Name/Library_Name/).

Next, open a CRM Window for customization. Here is where we will be adding a SharePoint view to the Contact entity. Select the Contact Entity and open the Forms and Views. Open the Main application form to customize. Add a new tab and then add a new section in that tab. Then add an iFrame in the section. Give a name to the iFrame and in the URL, type the URL of the document library (http://Server_Name/Library_Name). Save and publish the form.

And that's it. While this is a simple example of how these system can integrates, it also demonstrates the flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and ways organizations are customizing this system to fit their needs.

By: Avtar Dhillon, RSM, New Jersey Microsoft Dynamic Gold Certified Partner

2 thoughts on “iFrame technology is used to integrate Dynamics CRM with SharePoint”

  1. this is really inspiring.. i think i need to get more into IFrame. We focus on sharepoint providing, however this also is a great thing to look into

  2. iFrames are great for maps and SharePoint sites. We use them for linking CRM to our project sites on SharePoint and to get directions to a customer site. Very easy to set up as well. Thanks for the great example.

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