Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reduces Data Entry Time

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Data entry is never at the top of anyone’s to-do list but in order to keep your customer database up to date, it’s a necessity. If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can update information for multiple contacts at the same time. This feature comes in handy when a company in your database changes their address or status with your business and you need to update that information for all of the contacts at the company.

For example, this company relocated to Fargo-Moorhead from Minneapolis. We updated the company’s address but I want to make sure that any direct mail pieces that I send to each contact goes to the right place. All I need to do is select all of the contacts from the company:

Select all contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Then choose edit:

Edit all Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From there you can update the information that is applicable to all contacts on your list. In this case, I entered their new address:


Edit address in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Once you save, each contact’s information will be updated.

Avoid time-consuming data entry and keep your database accurate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

By DFC Consultants

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