More Than 2 Million People at 30,000 Companies Depend on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Manage Sales, Marketing, and Operations

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We are one of those 30,000 companies!  And the statistics I just quoted in my headline?  I did not make them up.  They’re documented in this fantastic new white paper, “24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers.”

Now, to be perfectly honest, Altico Advisors is one of the 24 contributors to that white paper.  So you may think that my assessment is biased.  But that’s for you to judge.

In addition to some great introductory, educational information about CRM and XRM, the white paper tells 24 stories real-life inspirational stories about 24 companies that have deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM to address 24 different business issues.

Here’s one that I love.  It’s called “Predict the Future.”

“Identify buying patterns to predict future purchases. Companies are using purchase information collected in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help them market more effectively to their customers.  By analyzing the products that all customer purchase, you can predict additional products that any one customer will purchase.”

When I read that first paragraph, I thought, of course, this is what e-tailers like Amazon do all the time.  So you might be surprised by the rest of the story which goes on to say:

“By using CRM to combine multiple external ticketing systems with their historic customer data, a National League baseball team has deeper insight into their customer’s buying habits and preferences. This season, the team has already started running promotions to ticket holders based on their past and expected future purchases.”

That’s right. This particular example was not about Amazon but rather a National League baseball team. The lesson I learned is that you don’t have to be a retail giant like Amazon to take advantage of the predictive analytics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to boost sales and personalize your marketing.

One of the other stories I love is called “Breathe Easier.”  

It’s about how an Altico Advisors client, a medical device manufacturer and distributor, has used CRM in conjunction with the Altico Service + CRM Accelerator built on the Azure platform to:

  • Automatically notify product of a warning or recall
  • Answer products questions with confidence using a CRM-based knowledgebase
  • Suggest additional products that could enrich a customer’s life
  • Track product lifecycle from source parts to end user
  • Track products by lot and serial number
  • Track RMAs, service agreements, help desk inquiries and much more

I won’t divulge any more than I already have.  You can download the CRM Software Blog white paper and read the remaining 22 wildly creative examples all by yourself. Enjoy!

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors , Microsoft CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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  1. Righlty said, the demand for CRM software is increasing. It is the best lead nurturing process. CRM enhances the sales opportunity for the business.

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