Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update – Multi Browser and Operating System Support

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The Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service update offers significant new and enhanced features that can increase the productivity and effectiveness of your organization.  This article will highlight Multi-Browser and Operating System Support, one of the many enhancements delivered with the update.

Although many users who access Dynamics CRM through their Outlook don’t realize it, the application is entirely web based and all CRM forms are rendered in an internet browser.  This provides flexibility to use the application while in the office, connected to a VPN, or securely over an internet connection.  Versions of Dynamics CRM prior to the December 2012 Service Update required users to employ Internet Explorer on Windows to interact with the application.  This meant that users of operating systems other than Windows could not directly access full Dynamics CRM functionality from their devices.

The December 2012 Service Update for Dynamics CRM changes this.  This update provides additional support for Google Chrome on Windows, Mozilla Firefox on Windows and Apple OS X, and Apple Safari on Apple OS X.  For iPad users using CRM Online, the service update provides access to sales functionality including Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts.  iPad support for On-Premise users is expected in the second quarter of 2013.  Also, the specific version of the browser and operating system matters so consult the chart below for specific requirements:

Operating System Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Apple Safari
Windows XP*** Version 8 Latest Version* Latest Version* Not Supported
Windows Vista*** Version 8 & 9 Latest Version* Latest Version* Not Supported
Windows 7 Version 8, 9 & 10** Latest Version* Latest Version* Not Supported
Windows 8 Version 10** Latest Version* Latest Version* Not Supported
Apple OS X 10.7 (Lion) Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Latest Version*
Apple OS X 10.8  (Mountain Lion) Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported Latest Version*
Apple iOS (iPad) Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Latest Version****

Latest versions at time of publication were Firefox 16, Chrome 22 and Safari 6
** Denotes Internet Explorer 10 desktop version, IE10 modern version is NOT supported – IE10 on Windows RT is NOT supported
*** Internet Explorer 7 will not be supported for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
**** Limited to sales users on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online ONLY – Safari on iPad Mini is NOT supported

An existing insurance industry client of ours has a Social Media group whose mission it is to spread the organization’s messages via social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Pinterest, etc.  This group had a requirement to be able to manage relationships with contacts in the social media world that could help them by blogging, reposting, tweeting, liking, etc. their social media messages.  Additionally they needed to track which of the contacts were most helpful in spreading the word so they could concentrate their relationship building efforts on those people.

We helped them achieve their mission by customizing and deploying Dynamics CRM to manage their social media contacts, their messages, and their contacts’ responses to their messages and by displaying this information in meaningful ways in dashboards.  Now they use this data to determine which contacts are most responsive to which messages and to focus their efforts to maximize their effectiveness in spreading their messages via social media.

There has been one missing piece to their solution however.  Like many new media organizations, their team members use Mac computers running the Apple OSX operating system.  This meant that they had to log in to a virtual Windows environment in order to access their Dynamics CRM system.  With the Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update, their productivity and effectiveness will be further enhanced by enabling them to access their information directly from their Macs.

If your organization could benefit from the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM on multiple browsers and operating systems, or to address any other business objectives you might have, please contact NexusTek at 303.773.6464 or sales@nexustek.com.

To learn more about this topic and to download the full service update, click here.

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By Randy Bristol, Director, NexusTek Dynamics Solutions

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