Microsoft Dynamics Helps Non-Profits Change Lives

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Just about any action we take can make the world a different place, but it takes a special level of compassion and commitment to helping others to make it a better place. Many non-profit organizations have the vision to change lives, but they often lack the means to make it happen. Microsoft Dynamics has helped numerous non-profits see their vision become reality, taking the power of the enterprise software way beyond the realm of business.


The Smith Family, an Australian charity, is one example of a non-profit that used Microsoft Dynamics products to make the world a better place. The organization began with five businessmen who took Christmas gifts to an orphanage in 1922. Since then, The Smith Family has grown into an organization that now assists 117,000 impoverished families throughout Australia.


Today, over 520,000 Australian children live in families with no working income. The Smith Family wanted to find a way to help even more children and their families, and to do that, its leaders would have to adopt a new approach to dealing with donors and sponsors. They needed a system that could aggregate information about donors and sponsors and analyze the data in an efficient manner. The Smith Family ultimately chose a system but only after a lengthy one-year evaluation process. Their choices were Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


“Greater transparency and accountability would help us strengthen our relationships with donors,” said Ishbel Sterrick, Chief Financial Officer for The Smith Family. “We felt confident in the capability and reliability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX; these systems best met our needs as a charity organization.”


The Smith family is now able to see connections between supporters, volunteers, donors, and sponsors that would have eluded it before its Microsoft Dynamics transformation. The organization has monthly donations uploaded into its financial system, while it coordinates programs and keeps records of corporate contracts and correspondence. All of this data is presented in a unified view that is easy to digest.


For The Smith Family, it is a victory for its organization; but for the children who benefit from its services, the reward is much greater. The non-profit can now help more children and their families, and Microsoft Dynamics helped make that possible.


Source: Changing Lives through Technology, by Stephen Fowler

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