5 Resolutions Every Marketer Must Make – Tips From Vision 2010, A Microsoft Dynamics Conference

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Like most marketing professionals, my new year has started off with an exciting rush of fresh marketing campaigns and activities to help generate new leads for our sales team and a new calendar of valuable educational events for our clients.  The biggest project on our marketing list right now is getting ready for Vision 2010, The TM Group’s 12th Annual Microsoft Dynamics Conference and Expo for March 23rd in Troy, Michigan. 

We expect over 250 clients and guests to join us at Vision 2010 for a day filled with five educational tracks – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Advanced IT, and Executive –   and over 25 breakout sessions spotlighting new product releases, tips and tricks for users, even a leadership skills workshop.

This year, launching Vision has been made much easier bcause of ExactTarget – one of The TM Group’s strategic ISV partners for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.    I have saved tons of time and effort in communicating with our clients and prospects through email campaigns using ExactTarget integrated to our CRM system.  It's been great! No importing lists, no looking up separate reports to see who has opened our emails and downloaded our conference agenda – and best, all this critical marketing  information is automatically tracked in my leads, contacts and campaign in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ExactTarget will be presenting at one of our CRM sessions and I asked them to share some useful advice to marketers like me who want to do a better job with online marketing in 2010.  Perfect timing, because my year is off and running and I can use all the help I can get!

Check out the insightful ExactTarget article and whitepaper link below:

Need a few New Year’s resolutions to jump-start your marketing in 2010?

At ExactTarget we are always looking for new ways to help our customers improve their online marketing programs.  This year, we thought we’d start the year off as most people do, with a set of New Year’s Resolutions.  These 5 Resolutions can help keep your marketing program fit and in shape!

ExactTarget’s new whitepaper, Five Resolutions Every Marketer Must Make in 2010, outlines the plan simply and succinctly:

  1. Be helpful, not just social.
  2. Engage your subscribers.
  3. Treat subscribers like friends.
  4. Design for your subscribers.
  5. Get back to basics.

Build richer subscriber data through the integration of Email and CRM

The Five Resolutions Every Marketer Must Make in 2010 whitepaper emphasizes the importance of understanding, engaging and educating your subscribers. The more you know about your customers and prospects, the more effectively you can communicate with them.

ExactTarget’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you manage and automate a wide variety of marketing campaigns that leverage information about your leads, contacts and accounts. The integration between ExactTarget and Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you:

  • Automate.  Use Email Marketing Automation capabilities and templates to create date and event-based scenarios that execute automatically.
  • Extend. Extend personalized, relevant, one-to-one communications from email to the web with ExactTarget’s Landing Page functionality.
  • Personalize.  Reinforce subscriber relationships with personalized emails on behalf of your Lead, Contact, and Account owners.
  • Analyze. Use real-time tracking results to send follow-up messages to an engaged group of subscribers.

ExactTarget and The TM Group partnership

We’re proud to partner with The TM Group to deliver this integrated offering. To learn more about the integration of ExactTarget for Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will want to read the ExactTarget and Microsoft Dynamics data sheet, please email jennifers@tmgroupinc.com to request a copy.   The TM Group is a great resource for helping you understand how to leverage ExactTarget in your specific Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment. 

(We wish you successful marketing in 2010 and look forward to participating in The TM Group Vision 2010 event on March 23rd!  - Karen Gragg, Marketing Programs Manager, ExactTarget)


Thanks, Karen!  I’ll be sharing more insight and news from our Vision 2010 strategic sponsors – all designed to help organizations looking for new CRM and ERP solutions to make their businesses be more profitable and their personal lives easier and more productive.  For more information about Vision 2010, the TM Group’s 12th Annual Microsoft Dynamics Conference taking place March 23rd at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Michigan, visit or Vision homepage at http://www.tmgroupinc.com/2010VisionInvite.asp

By Andree Dolan, Marketing Manager of The TM Group, Leading Michigan Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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