Poor Customer Service Costs Billions – How Can A CRM System Help You Avoid Those Costs?

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I saw this survey today in CRM Magazine’s eWeekly Newsletter.  The title was “Poor Customer Service Costs Billions.”  Here’s a summary of the findings: 

“Oftentimes customer service supervisors and managers have run into difficulty when asking members of the c-suite for additional money to invest in technology and people to help improve customer service, because the metrics traditionally measured by contact centers just don't translate for senior executives.

A new study, "The Cost of Poor Customer Service: The Economic Impact of the Customer Experience and Engagement," may finally put the damage bad service can create into a language executive boards understand -- dollars and cents.  According to the survey of 8,880 consumers across 16 countries, poor customer service cost an aggregate of $338.5 billion per year, the average value of each lost relationship across all countries surveyed costing $243.”

You can read the full story about this critical survey at www.destinationCRM.com.

Now we all know that retaining an existing customer costs far less than obtaining a new one, so this survey struck a chord and prompted me to reach out to a couple of the application consultants here at Altico Advisors who service our clients.  I asked them to outline how our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system helps them to service our clients more effectively AND do their jobs more effectively, also. 

Here are the top 8 advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM mentioned by our experts:

  •    Enter support cases remotely so our support team can quickly reach out to the     client and assist with resolving the issue
  • Understand where the case stands at all times and what the resolution was
  • Publish key support resolutions via our Knowledge Base so future issues can be quickly resolved
  • Create opportunities so our existing client sales team can reach out to the client in a very timely manner and get the  requested work scheduled
  • Easily track all emails, appointments and activities associated with an account, contact, support case and opportunity; create follow up activities as needed
  • Create dynamic ad-hoc excel and SRS reports that provide real time information I want to see
  • Stay connected to our client information from any location.  It is very important to have client information readily available in a natural and organized manner, and in a centralized location, i.e. in Microsoft Dynamics CRM which we can all access remotely
  • Implement push alerts via Email workflows when appointments have been modified by other team members.  This is critical for keeping sight of where my schedule is without having to check it every minute. 

These are some of the tools we use to keep our clients, who are mainly in the
wholesale distribution and discrete manufacturing sectors, happy. 

As the 16th President of the United States famously quoted:  You can’t please all of the people all of the time.  But by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to its fullest advantage, we try to do just that! 

 ByDan Smith and Justin Languirand Altico Advisors, Microsoft CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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