Streamline Customer Service with Guided Processes

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Many companies implementing a CRM solution focus their efforts on the sales and marketing aspect of their business. However, customer satisfaction and retention can be just as important to the success of your CRM solution and your business in general. As written in the Harvard Business Review, management consultants Frederick Reichheld and Earl Sasser estimate that "companies can boost profits by almost 100 percent by retaining just five percent more of their customers".

One of the keys to keeping customers happy is to provide a good experience when they contact your customer service department or help desk. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, companies can improve call response times and problem resolution through the use of Process Dialogs. Dialogs in Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide the structure to create multi-branch call scripts that can be used in your call center to help understand a customers' issue or question and then guide them towards a solution.

As an example, an electronics store’s customer service department has a Dialog that is run each time they receive a call about an issue with one of their products. The service rep is immediately prompted to ask the customer about the product they have an issue with:

Based on the answer provided by the customer, the Process Dialog will automatically move on to the appropriate follow-up questions:

The data collected during the Dialog can then be used to provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions or can be stored to a new Ticket in CRM and then routed to the appropriate resource to best resolve the customer’s issue.

Using the Process Dialog feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you can easily create workflows to streamline your customer service department’s productivity and enhance your customers’ overall experience. 

For a brief demonstration of how Process Dialogs can also be used for sales lead qualification, please visit the CRM 2011 Launch website.

By Cory Fellers, Systematica Inc. – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Nevada Partner

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