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Visitors to the CRM Software Blog will find several recent articles regarding identifying the right CRM solution for your business. And rightly so - it’s a very important topic for those looking for a customer relationship management solution.

I wanted to share another article on that topic from Kelly McGuire over at It points to a 2009 Focus Research White Paper called the Sales Force Automation Buyer’s Guide.  The paper offers good advice for buyers as they walk through the (sometimes) difficult process of finding the right solution for their organization. This is especially important for buyers that are searching for customer relationship management software for the first time.

As the title indicates, the focus of the White  Paper is really the sales organization of the company.  Buyers looking for a solution to support multiple departments (service, technical support, marketing, etc.) may find some information lacking for them to help identify the full capabilities offered by some of the vendors, but it is a solid start.  Also, some readers may have some questions regarding the distinctions made classifying particular vendor types and the types of clients they support.  For instance, neither SAP nor Microsoft Dynamics CRM is identified as a product for the enterprise customer. But I’ll admit - those are minor objections compared to the comprehensive nature of the information and research findings gathered here…for free!

The White Paper touches on important topics such as requirements, cost considerations, and what to expect from your vendor.  It also includes tools to help identify what type of buyer you are as well as an example of a product requirement worksheet that could help your organization focus on their true needs. 

Overall, it provides buyers with solid information, insight and resources and I would classify it as recommended reading - for both buyers and sellers of CRM software.

Good reading!

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Robert Kuhlmann is a Senior CRM Consultant with AdvancedSPS, a California Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner.  With over 15 years of functional experience successfully developing, implementing and managing CRM systems, Robert now offers his expertise to organizations like yours in order to successfully design, implement and manage CRM solutions.

By: Robert Kuhlmann, AdvancedSPS – California Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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