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Crowe's Logo Project Management Systems Compared - Stand-alone or Integrated

How do you manage projects? Many companies have outgrown the basic systems used in the past to manage the delivery of professional services.  It is time to look at Project […]

Sikich Boston's Logo The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Productivity Suite Comes to Cambridge, MA

If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft Productivity Suite, it’s an integrated solution for sales and marketing. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Suite includes 4 additional components – Office […]

Sikich Boston's Logo Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software? My Top 3 Reasons

#1 – Monetary Investment You made a significant investment in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system because you recognized not just the need for a system to manage your sales, marketing […]

Crowe's Logo Customers Choose Microsoft Dynamics When Investing in Business Applications

Michael Park’s post today on Microsoft’s Executive Insight’s blog further emphasizes the momentum behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM and their tenacity to capture market share.  Some key points in his […]

Sikich Boston's Logo Shift Your CRM Strategy From Reactive (= Damage Control) to Proactive (= Random Acts of Kindness)

By Justin Languirand, Altico Advisors Obviously, that’s a gross over-simplification.  If you read the entire article in the October issue of CRM (the magazine), you’ll see that there’s a lot […]

Integrated IT's Logo 3 Reasons CRM Software Dashboards Are Cool But 1 Insider Tip to Avoid Getting Burned

Dashboards are the current rage in the CRM space.  If your CRM system doesn't have them, you want them.  You probably want them so badly that you're willing to go […]

Crowe's Logo Top 60 Features – Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the Leader

With the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (aka CRM 5.0 – a name I personally like better!) right around the corner I wanted to reflect on Microsoft’s self […]

Sikich Boston's Logo Top 10 Reasons Why Leading Companies Worldwide Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM

From Joel Hatin, Dynamics Specialist, Altico Advisors Businesses today are working hard to do more with less. Can a software system really help?  Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers functionality to ease […]


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