Why Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software? My Top 3 Reasons

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#1 – Monetary Investment

You made a significant investment in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system because you recognized not just the need for a system to manage your sales, marketing and service, but also because you recognized the value. Now, you own it. Just like you own a home. I’m a homeowner and I can tell you the initial cost of purchasing my home was just the beginning of my investment. Every year there’s a new home improvement that requires an additional investment – central air conditioning, automatic garage door openers, an updated kitchen. I’d never let my home become dilapidated. Would you? It’s the same story with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Fortunately, Microsoft releases updates on a fairly regular and frequent basis for your convenience! And every release adds value to your CRM system and helps you stay up to date with the shiniest new trends in CRM systems, such as social CRM. Every time you upgrade your CRM system you’re protecting and increasing the value of your monetary investment.

Keeping your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system up to date is the same as maintaining your home.

#2 Human Resources Investment

Let’s look at another scenario. Let’s say you own a restaurant. Over time, your equipment becomes outdated. Your cooks are frustrated because the oven temperature has become unreliable. Instead of putting a gourmet dish in the oven and setting a timer that alerts them when the dish is ready, they have to open the oven every so often to check on it. Your wait staff is apologizing to your customers when their orders are taking too long to come out of the kitchen. It’s not just a waste of time, it’s creating discontent among your workers AND your customers.  When you purchase new ovens, you’re making a wise investment in your human resources. Software systems get old, too. Actually they age much faster than your ovens. With every new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the user interface becomes more user friendly. Your sales people will find the information they need to close business more easily. Your marketing people will have new and improved tools for running campaigns and deriving metrics. Your service people will have instant access to case histories. By upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, you’ll make your employees happier and more efficient. It’s an investment in human resources that will pay for itself many times over.

Keeping your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system up to date is the same as upgrading your ovens.

#3 Common Sense Investment

When gas prices go up, more people buy electric hybrid cars. Common sense. Right? When your washing machine breaks and the new part is going to coast more than a new washing machine, you buy a new washing machine. Common sense. Right? When your new car has a CD player, not a cassette player, you start replacing your old cassettes with new CDs. Common sense. Right? I could think of maybe 100 more examples of common sense investment decisions that you’ve probably made over the years. And yet…and yet, are you willing to let an outdated CRM system cost your company time and money? Don’t do it! Make a common sense investment in the latest technology by upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with new features that will help your business run more smoothly.

Keeping your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system up to date is the same as replacing cassettes with CDs.

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By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors , Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Massachusetts (MA) and beyond.

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  1. John - Yes, the added features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 are awesome and add to the value and the investment that companies are making in a CRM system. According to the most recent numbers I've seen, 40,000 companies worldwide are running Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Thanks, John.

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