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NextCorp, Ltd's Logo Talking CRM With Your IT Manager

When evaluating the technical implications of CRM deployment, remember that CRM is foremost a technology that can help propel your business, instead of a tool that dictates your business processes. […]

NextCorp, Ltd's Logo Talking CRM With Your Sales Manager

To ensure that sales representatives meet their objectives, your sales manager continually needs information from them about leads and active prospects. Here's how you can work with your sales manager […]

NextCorp, Ltd's Logo Small Business Customer Relationship Management Software: What You Need To Know

Small business owners keep asking the same question: “Do I really need a customer relationship management system?” Organizations with small budgets often see CRM as a luxury item. A key […]

NextCorp, Ltd's Logo 10 Reasons CRM Software is the Key to SMB Revenue Control

Customer Relationship Management software has been the rage for over ten years.  Starting with the enterprise, CRM has now been adopted across the entire spectrum of business – including small […]


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