Talking CRM With Your IT Manager

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When evaluating the technical implications of CRM deployment, remember that CRM is foremost a technology that can help propel your business, instead of a tool that dictates your business processes. Discuss with your IT manager the business value of CRM, and get vital input on the technical corollaries of CRM implementation. The IT manager is your partner in ensuring that your CRM solution is up and running so it can support the business strategy as you planned.


Talking tactics: Your IT manager's concerns about CRM

The IT manager keeps your organization’s information technologies running smoothly 24/7, and considers the following when evaluating new systems:

  • Wants technology that involve minimal interruption in your employees' work
  • Looks for systems that are easy to set up and maintain while offering high availability and performance
  • Avoids deploying untried technology
  • Seeks scalable solutions that easily grow with the business
  • Wants technology that is highly secure and easy to restore after an adverse event
  • Looks for new solutions that take full advantage of existing IT resources as well as other company investments
  • Wants new technology that synchronizes and integrates well other applications, data sources, and systems.


Questions for the IT manager

Your IT manager can detail the essential technical considerations of a CRM implementation:

  • What proof do we have that the CRM system will enhance infrastructure?
  • What kind of deployment downtime can be expected?
  • How can a CRM system keep IT aligned with business goals?
  • What kinds of facts and referrals can assure product benefits and quality?
  • What are our data backup policies, and how do we ensure CRM data is protected?
  • What type of technical support is need after implementing CRM?


Your IT manager supports business goals by keeping the enterprise running, and by implementing tools that allow the company to pursue new opportunities and protect customer relationships. This guide will help you get the IT perspective on CRM so you can make a technology investment that will reinforce your competitive edge.

By NextCorp, Ltd., Dallas Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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