Maximize Your Field Presence With Dynamics 365 Map

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For many businesses, field service or presence makes or breaks the business. Their business includes in-person interaction with the client. 

Managing field presence is the toughest job. You have to be a magician to know what's happening outside while sitting in the office.

Challenges arise when you don’t know how to improve your field presence.

You can wipe your tears because we have a perfect solution for you!

MappyField 365 – a Dynamics 365 CRM geolocation mapping plugin.

To understand how this tool can help you, first, let's understand why field service is important in this online world!

Why is Field Service Management important?

Businesses offering field service would relate to the fact that they see the sudden effect in the types of queries when there are onfield services that are not on point. Customers come and complain about what happened and how disappointed they are with inefficient service. This is something you want to fix quickly. Because if you don’t, it will directly impact sales numbers, brand image, and repeat customer rate. Thus, if you want to grow a business, keeping your customers happy is the ultimate key. 

Businesses go the extra mile to make their customers happy. Offering service or solving their problem, is not it? You have to improve the overall experience with your brand. Personalized experience and quick resolution can make a huge difference. For this, you need to streamline your services.

If your field service processes are sorted, you can definitely serve customers better. Moreover, field service management is not just about making customers happy but also about keeping your resources happy. As they are out the whole day, you have to manage their schedule in a way that they don't get exhausted or have to overwork in order to achieve targets.

Challenges faced in Field Service Management

The major challenge faced by managers during field service management is monitoring the field team. It is not possible to track the activities of the on-field staff from the office. So, if there are any flows in the process, managers will never know. The strategies planned might bring the desired results because you don’t know how they are being executed. 

Sales reps face many challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes their efforts go unrecognized because they have no digital records to show. For instance, there was a sudden roadblock due to an unfortunate accident between two cars. The sales rep, Adam, was stuck there for a couple of hours, so he could not reach the client's location on time. The reason is valid, but the customer will complain that he did not show up. How will he justify himself? There are multiple scenarios that sales reps face which go unnoticed. 

MappyField 365 is here to solve these problems with its features.

Managing Field Service Effortlessly With MappyField 365

Ease out the pressure with MappyField because we know how much effort goes into offering field service. MappyField is the perfect tool for you. Manage field service like never before with MappyField. 

Dynamics 365 map is a geolocation mapping plugin. It adds functionalities within your CRM where you can visualize all the CRM records on the map. Use this insight to plan new strategies while assigning tasks to resources. There are so many features that can help you at different stages.

MappyField Features to Rely On

Route Optimization

The Route Optimization feature shows the shortest route connecting all the locations of the clients they have to visit. Having details of all the clients around will ensure they do not have to go back and forth in the same area to meet other clients. Thus, the sales reps can spend more time with the client and not on the road. It avoids roads with traffic, roadblocks, etc., to avoid delays.

Territory Management

This feature will help you create and optimize territories to distribute workload evenly. You can create territories using different shapes, regions, or drawings. Territories help in targeting accounts more effectively and in targeting marketing campaigns. It becomes easier to manage territories and pay attention to ones not performing well. Moreover, it helps while distributing work to the sales reps. You can equally distribute accounts between the sales reps so that everyone has a fair amount of work. Accounts in one territory will be nearby and not extremely far from each other, thus reducing the traveling time for sales reps.

Live Tracking

MappyField lets you track your resources in real time. You can see the live location of your resources on the map. Along with that, you can see the route assigned to them and their current route. So you would know whether they are following the assigned route or not. Moreover, if there is any fresh lead that they can approach, it will be easier for you to inform the right resource who could quickly approach the new lead.

Auto Check-in/out

This feature of MappyField takes away all the confusion and doubts about whether the sales rep reached the client's location on time or not. When the sales rep reaches the radius of the client, MappyField will auto check-in them for the respective appointment. And if they reach late, they have to manually check in and enter a reason for being late. This request is redirected to their respective manager for approval. Thus, managers would know when, where, and who was late for the appointment. The sales rep can also add attachments, notes, or any important information. Managers can access this information in real-time and use it for further strategies. 

There is a lot more to MappyField than the features discussed above. It is made keeping in mind the smallest detail like language, device mobility, and much more. We want you to make the best use of your CRM data so that your resources don’t have to suffer. Increase their productivity and sales numbers with MappyField 365. Contact for more information. 

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