4 Must Have Features On-field Sales Team Will Use Daily

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Managing from the office or being out meeting clients, none of this is easy without a location mapping tool.

Location mapping tools simplify the sales team's life, and this article is proof of it. 

The tool we are talking about is MappyField 365.

It is a Dynamics 365 plugin using which you can visualize all your CRM records on the map. The tool is loaded with so many features like route optimizations, data plotting, proximity search, and many more that will upscale your sales team's performance.

But today, we will discuss crucial features that your sales team would definitely use every day. These features are extremely important if you want to improve the sales performance and productivity of your team.

Let’s check out what features Dynamics 365 map plugin has to offer.

Auto Check-in/out

One of the most interesting and exclusive features of MappyField is Auto Check-in & Check-out. It digitizes the meeting timings so that you and your team can track how long the meeting lasted.

Lets us understand it with an example. His name is X, and he is a sales representative.

X has a few clients to meet in a day. So, he would prepare reports at the end of the day. One day he forgot to mention one of the clients in that report. The manager showed his reports and thought he was not able to complete his task. But the reality was different. X met all his clients but forgot to update it in the sheet.

The other thing is that the manager came to know this at the end of the day when X submitted the report. X had already left for the day before the manager could ask about it. The problem here is that the managers get to see all the meeting details once the sales reps submit them, which is EOD. Till then they have no idea how many clients their sales team has met and what all was discussed.

But with MappyField 365, whenever X reaches the client location, the MappyField would auto check-in him to the meeting. MappyField uses advanced features called geofencing for the same. When X completes the meeting and leaves the clients location he will be auto checked out.

There are various benefits associated with this feature:

  • No manual entries. Meeting entries are automated, so there are no errors while making reports.
  • After the meeting ends, MappyField 365 asks to enter notes that were discussed in the meeting. Sales reps can add the summary and anything important that their manager needs to know.
  • Managers can track sales reps location and status. Managers would know when the meeting started and ended and what all was discussed in the meeting. They don’t have to wait till the end of the day for the meeting that happened in the morning.
  • If the sale reps reach late at the location, the app will ask for the reason. This will pass on to their manager for approval. Once they approve then only it will be considered valid.
  • As the check-in and check-out feature works on the geofencing feature, they cannot check in from anywhere else. So sales reps cannot do fake entries. 
  • Digitized data of all the meetings to measure the productivity of the team. You can manage the number of clients accordingly so that every sales rep has balanced work and no one has to work to complete their target.

Proximity Search

Proximity search features allow users to search records in CRM by asking them to enter multiple radii for the locations. 

It becomes easier to find the client's locations around you. For example, your sales rep X wants to look for clients around him. He would plot all the CRM data using the proximity search feature on the map. He enters 2, 4, and 6 miles as the radius as he wants to look for the annual revenue of those clients.

So, MappyField will give exactly all those clients under this radius, and their annual revenue will be on the map. You can choose any entity as a category to view custom details.

Now X can also view the clients who are at the shortest distance. So, depending on his schedule, he can easily book appointments with the clients. 

The proximity search feature helped X in many ways. First, he has more clarity on the clients around him. He can use different filters to see clients based on their annual revenue, products they purchase from you, monthly revenue, and more. 

MappyField 365 improves his visualization. X is now more confident as the tool has empowered his decision-making skills. He can independently search and see the details that he needs to see before booking an appointment. 

X will save time and effort that would have otherwise gone into traveling to meet far-away clients. Meeting nearby clients in the gaps between two meetings improves his engagement with clients. MappyField 365 boosts the productivity and internal confidence of your sales team.

Search Along the Route

Meeting cancellation is one of the main factors sales reps are not able to utilize their time efficiently. Let's take an obvious scenario that you have heard your sales reps saying. Suppose X starts his day and has 10 clients to meet in a day. After his first meeting, he sees that the second client on his list has canceled the meeting. 

Without any tool, X would have to wait till it was time to meet the third client. The important productive hours at the start of the day were wasted. 

With MappyField, he can see if there are any clients between his current location and the third client he has to meet. The extra time he has before the third meeting can be utilized by engaging with other clients.

MappyField will show the clients along the route. He can call them to see if they are available and can catch up for a small meeting. Meeting loyal customers at regular time intervals will ensure they stay with your brand for more years to come.

This feature is fully functional in the mobile version of MappyField 365, which makes it easier for X to search for clients. Depending on the time he has, he can see who is the nearest and book an appointment with them.

Thus, with MappyField 365, he can keep full track of appointments, time, and commute to measure his productivity. Along the route feature is something your sales team would often use as appointment cancellation is very common. Rather than waiting till the next appointment, they can utilize this time and upscale their performance.

Point of Interest

Sales reps are out the entire day, going from place to place in all weather conditions. They need food, water, medicines, or maybe a gas station to refill the fuel tank on their way to meet the clients. How and where would they find the thing or place they are looking for?

Let's go with an example for better understanding. X has started his day and completed a few meetings. He has not brought his lunch today and so has to dine out. The restaurants he is familiar with are far away from his current location.

With MappyField 365, he can easily find restaurants and cafes that fall along his route with the POI feature. Without traveling far away, he can still find a good place. As MappyField 365 has a fully functional mobile version, finding a desired point of interest is easy.

POI feature can find restaurants, cafes, gas stations, medical stores, etc., for sales reps. In case of any emergency, whether they need a mechanic or a doctor, they can find one around them. The POI feature is useful when you want to quickly set up a meeting in a cafe. You can see reviews of cafes around you and find the one that works best for you.

Take Away

The above points easily explain how X overcomes various situations using MappyField. If you are facing any of the situations that X is facing, it is time you invest in a mapping tool like MappyField 365. It will help you wisely use your CRM data and maximize your visualization power. Book a demo with us and for more information, contact our sales team at sales@appjetty.com

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