6 Tips for Sales Reps to Stay Organized and Spend More Time Selling

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The most difficult part for any business is managing the sales reps' schedule. The work in itself is so inconsistent that it is difficult to keep the sales team schedule consistent.

Giving them targets to achieve in a day, week or month would require so much thought. You have to consider numerous factors before giving any deadlines.

When you don’t consider such inconsistency while planning their schedule, it might frustrate them as they are not able to complete their schedule, and in order to complete it, they will overwork.

When sales reps are not in the right state of mind, they won’t be able to give their best. This will directly affect your sales number.

So rather than just giving a schedule, you need tools that can help you plan the schedule better. A tool like MappyField 365.

MappyField 365 is a plugin exclusively made for Dynamics 365 users.

It is a mapping tool that shows all the CRM records on the map. It boosts your visualization power by categorizing the CRM records with different search filters.

Dynamics 365 map plugin is loaded with features designed keeping in mind the challenges sales reps face on a daily basis. We have some tips that can help your sales reps manage their schedule.

  • Manual Tasks

Manually managing appointment timings and the entire schedule can take up your sales reps' time. Updating the sheet after every client meeting or at the end of the day is hampering your sales reps' productivity.

As the data is manually added, there are chances of errors. Wrong data can impact their performance and the analytics results about clients or products. 

So, you need a tool like MappyField, that can automate such tedious tasks for sales reps.

  • Route Optimization

One of the most useful features of MappyField is Route Optimization. When your sales reps have an optimized route—which means a route that is the shortest path to meet the clients—a route that avoids traffic jams, then they will save a lot of their valuable time.

They do not have to spend time finding the best route. MappyField will make an entire route that covers all the client locations they have to visit

Sales reps can start their day worry-free. They just have to follow what MappyField says. The back and forth between two places will reduce, and they can cover the clients nearby in one go.

The traveling time will certainly reduce. They will reach the meeting on time. As sales reps' schedule is designed keeping in mind the traveling distance and other factors, they wouldn't have to rush. They will have enough time to prepare themselves for the meeting and give their best.

  • Automation

One of the trending topics in this couple of years has been automation. Any industry you name is trying to automate processes. 

For example, majority of your sales rep's time goes into meetings, traveling, and breaks. To keep track of this, you need a digital record.

MappyField can help you with the same. Track your sales reps' live location, meeting check-in/out time, meeting details, and more. Meeting in/out feature works on geofencing that auto check-in when the sales reps reach the client location.

  • No More Delays

Delays are very common among salespeople as a lot of traveling and unavailability of clients can disturb their whole schedule. At some point, they will have so many small tasks pending that it becomes overwhelming for sales reps.

To avoid such situations and complete their work on time, sales reps can follow some standard practices:

  • Dividing work into smaller segments
  • Create a detailed workflow, including timings
  • Discuss your work with senior resources
  • Start with a fresh mind

These are some basic things you can include in your daily routine. Apart from that, Mappyfield’s proximity search and along-the-route feature help sales reps find the clients around them in their proximity. Thus, they can utilize the gaps and improve their productivity.

  • Meeting Destinations

It is not necessary that all the meetings happen at the clients' workplaces. Sales reps might have to meet them somewhere between. Whether you have a one-on-one meeting with the client or it is with a group, sales reps are often  in search of good cafes and restaurants, or co-working conference rooms.

Now, if the place is too far for the client, the chances of them abandoning the meeting increases. The other scenario could be them coming for the meeting, but the place you chose is not favorable for having conversations, so you don’t get the output you were looking for. 

Both these scenarios are not in your favor and to reduce such situations, you need MappyField 365.

MappyField 365 comes with a feature called POI (Point of Interest). Using this feature they can find any location of interest near them. This feature helps them find a good cafe, restaurant, gas station, etc., whatever they need.

Clients will surely attend the meeting if it is nearby their location. So, choosing a meeting destination smartly can help you save from meeting cancellations.


The purpose of using MappyField 365 is to work smarter and not harder. No one likes to work extra hours just to earn the same amount of money. In some time, it will frustrate them, and they might leave. A realistic schedule is what you need. And when this habit is adopted with certain standards like those discussed below, you will likely face considerably fewer issues.

  • Reduce administrative tedious tasks
  • Optimize routes
  • Automate routine processes
  • Stop delaying tasks
  • Expect cancelations

When you keep this thing in mind, you will see a huge difference in the way your sales team pursues their day. They can work peacefully as they will have all the information they require on mobile phones. MappyField 365 has a fully compatible mobile version to make it easier for sales reps to access all the features. Moreover, MappyField supports all languages so that everyone is able to use the app at its best.

For more information, visit our official website www.appjetty.com

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