Benefits of Optimizing a Sales Territory to a Business

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Sales areas constantly exceed boundaries for a corporation that is expanding quickly. If your present boundaries are not expanding, it's time to reevaluate the entire structure and enhance ways to better serve your clients.

The Dynamics 365 map plugin comes into the picture at this point. This tool aids in the accurate mapping and analysis of CRM data. You will gain knowledge on how to optimize your efforts by making minor adjustments to the territorial structure.

You might have a lot of questions, but we have you all covered. We will provide you with all the knowledge you need to optimize the territory, including the reasons why you should do it and the advantages you will experience once you have done so.

What is Territory Optimization & Why Do You Need It?

Businesses have to manage workload and resources (sales team) within the territory to achieve the greatest results.

To preserve the intended outcome, territory optimization is frequently carried out. Among the causes of businesses engaging in territory optimization are increasing costs due to ineffective routes, low territory coverage, and more.

All of these factors have a direct or indirect impact on sales volume, customer satisfaction, and staff’s job satisfaction.

Regular territory optimization is advised if you don't want to fall into this mistake. You have two options for completing this: manually or with a tool.

It takes time and effort to manually optimize a territory, and you run the risk of under-optimizing it. However, you can easily improve them if you utilize a tool.

The tools present a map with all of the Dynamics 365 CRM data. To create a unique area, you can make a freehand drawing, use geometric shapes, or divide it into regions (city/state).

These mapping tools provide you with more control over the entire process and generate even regions. You'll find it simpler to assign work to the sales staff if you allocate clients according to the territory.

Benefits of Territory Optimization

Let’s have a look at the benefits of optimizing a  territory using MappyField 365.

  • Increase in Revenue

You can boost sales revenue by up to 7% merely by changing territory. But what factors contribute to the increase in sales?

To begin with, the mapping tools' constructed territories distribute customers evenly. It eliminates gaps in coverage. When you give the sales team territory, the job will be split equally. Sales representatives have plenty of time to learn about the prospects.

Prospects feel valued and taken care of when sales representatives spend enough time with them. As a result, your business will increase the number of sales it closes, get positive feedback, a surge in referrals, more upsells, and other ways to increase revenue.

After improving areas, you can utilize additional advantages. Increased revenue, however, is more than enough to persuade businesses to consistently and strategically build territories and find useful technologies to support these efforts.

  • Reduction in Cost

Now that you know how to boost revenue, cutting expenses is another way to boost it even more. Resources are a company's assets. How you wish to utilize their skill to the fullest extent is entirely up to you. One method is territory management or optimization.

Every day, the market is shifting. It means that you must constantly update your techniques because there is no way to stick to them for an extended period of time.

For example, there is a new competitor in the market. You would observe a shift in consumer demand, and your clients might favor them over your goods.

All of this implies that your customer base will fluctuate over time. A territory can't be covered by a set number of sales representatives for very long. The number of resources you allocate to an area must alter.

Using a mapping tool, you may continuously adjust the regions so that sales agents don't have to put in the excessive effort or struggle to meet their monthly goals due to a shortage of clients to contact.

In addition to helping with area management, mapping technologies provide sales representatives with miles-saving routes. Fewer miles traveled means less fuel consumption and less cost. Therefore, when you have the proper number of resources divided across the regions, the cost will drop significantly.

  • Save Time

Since it takes time to divide up the world into territories, sales teams often find territory management challenging. Sales representatives will need to travel more and spend more time covering clients if the territories are large.

Alternatively, if the regions are tiny, the sales representatives won't have enough clients to support their time and travel costs. Therefore, the secret is to make the ideal balance between time, expense and number of clients.

This is when MappyField 365 might assist you in setting up territories while considering the trip duration and ways to cut it down. It is advantageous for both your sales team and, obviously, your business.

  • Improve Sales Reps Productivity

The sales representative's job is exhausting. They drive from client to client for a long period of time. The whole process can be draining. Because of this, it will be difficult for a business to recruit replacement workers and keep the process uninterrupted if staff start to leave.

Territorial optimization, however, can lower burnout rates. You may allocate each sales representative the same amount of work with optimized territories. As a result, everyone will have an equal chance. No sales representative needs to work excessive hours to keep up with the workload. This enables them to offer each client or prospect the attention they deserve in order to maximize sales within the designated zone.

The performance of the sales force is directly impacted when territories aren't distributed fairly. Their revenues could drop by 14%. Consequently, optimized territories aid in task distribution and provide all sales professionals with an equal chance to succeed at their jobs.

  • Improve Customer Experience

Businesses want their clients to remain with them for a long time. Customers feel at ease making purchases from you when you (the business or your sales team) have a positive relationship with them. These connections attract new people, which aids in turning clients into devoted ones.

When sales representatives are overworked, they cannot devote additional time to developing relationships. The degree of customer satisfaction could decline.


There are many tools on the market, but not all of them are appropriate for all types of enterprises. Try MappyField 365’s free trial version. Verify if it satisfies the criteria of your business. Find out from the development company if they accommodate special requests (if you need changes in the plugin). After reading all of this, join their subscription plan if you want to transform your sales team’s workflow.

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