May 2020 Webinar - SMS Messaging in Dynamics 365

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Why text your clients?

Brian Begley of enCloud9 started the webinar by giving some reasons you need to text your customers, as well as giving some tips for effective SMS messages. He then gave a few scenarios in which you might want to text your customers rather than send them an email. There are a number of times that a short concise message would suffice.  Most everyone’s inboxes are bombarded with emails. It is easy to overlook an email. Customers actually appreciate a short message for things such as when cases are created or closed, special deals, quick news updates, or a simple reminder of a meeting or appointment.

He then gave a brief description of enCloud9’s Easy SMS solution. In the past, Dynamics 365 has never had SMS as one of their activities. We have phone calls, emails, and appointments –  but not SMS. EnCloud9 built this solution in response to customers that had reached out to them about adding text messaging to their application.

He then demonstrated the ease of sending and receiving text messages to your leads, contacts, and accounts from the web or mobile Dynamics 365 using our Easy SMS solution. Not only can you send individual text messages, but you can send an email blast to marketing lists.   There are many benefits to sending text messages through your Dynamics 365. Not only is all of your contact information right at your fingertips, but also SMS records are stored on your Timeline and can be easily searched. Watch the video or download the presentation below.


Download the presentation

In Conclusion

He then ended the webinar by answering questions. There was a lot of interest in this product, as well as many great questions. The Easy SMS product will be coming soon to the AppSource, which is a marketplace that Microsoft has created for Add-ons applications for Dynamics 365. When it becomes available on the AppSource, it may be purchased from there. In the meantime, you can contact your enCloud9 Sales rep today to purchase Easy SMS. We would love to help you get started with the Easy SMS.

Want to Learn More?

In addition to our SMS Webinar you might want to check out our blog to learn more. If you would like to learn more about getting started with our Easy SMS, contact us today!

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How Can We Help?

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