How to Attract Younger Members to your Association

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A Membership Association does many things, but it always has one overriding business goal – to increase its members.

Increased membership is what drives revenues and allows the Association to fulfill its mandate. Yet, the 2018 Innovation Benchmarking Research study on Associations found that nearly half of Associations are failing to grow.

Stagnant or negative growth can be overcome in the short run, but if not addressed quickly it could lead to an Association becoming irrelevant.

So, finding ways to grow is clearly important.

One way that some Associations have struggled in this regard is with attracting younger members. With the last of Millennials now turning 18 (and the oldest 38) it should be obvious that it is imperative that Associations figure this out quickly.

Those that have found an effective strategy for attracting younger members have discovered a few key things about the generation. CRM Dynamics leveraged that knowledge when designing our Association targeted CRM product, Dynamics Association Blueprint.

Here’s what we learned and how DAB can help Associations do what’s needed to attract younger members.

Let’s talk about Millennials!

For many, the image they have of a Millennial is clichéd. They think of a vacant, young person taking a selfie at brunch over avocado toast. If that’s how you view Millennials than you might feel that you have nothing in common with them and there is little you can do to attract those in the demographic.

The truth is that although there are people that meet the above description, there’s no single definition of what a Millennial is. However, like any demographic, there are common themes that you need to be aware of to, but it is not a monolithic group.

One of the strongest similarities Millennials share is that they grew up in a digital world. Unlike the generation that preceded them, Millennials have never really known a world without the Internet. That simple fact shapes the generation more than any other and is the key to understanding how to reach Millennials, whether they like avocado toast or not.

Millennials also care about connection. It truly is a generation that values social interaction and engagement. It’s a type of connection that might seem foreign to someone who didn’t grow up with a smartphone in their hand, but it really is similar to any generation of the past. Where Baby Boomers shared martinis over lunch and Gen Xers hung out at the coffee shop, Millennials spend hours on Social Media. Each way of connecting looks different, but it accomplishes the same thing – social interaction.

Your messaging needs to reflect the different ways that your target audience absorbs information. Basically, you need to tailor your message to reach them on their terms. And, with DAB you can.

DAB will allow you to divide your audience into different categories that can be targeted for personalized campaigns. These unique marketing lists can be automated, saving your staff valuable time.

Additionally, DAB will improve workflow automation and better connect to members via social media to track trends and build campaigns, which is a perfect way to reach those younger members.

Finally, you will have powerful tracking ability through the Dynamics 365 Dashboards. They provide your association with quick-view insights that show key performance indicators and other important data. The ability to instantly see how you are performing will allow you to make quick changes to how things are getting done, before it becomes a problem.

Perhaps most importantly, DAB is designed to allow for out-of-the-box implementation, thus saving money conscious Associations important resources that can be passed on to their members.

Whether you are after the vital Millennial market, or are targeting a specific sub-section of your industry, DAB is the tool that will allow you to do it best.

Let us show you the power of this amazing and affordable CRM solution today.


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