Estimate the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM with our Online Quick Quote Tool

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The good news is that your business is growing. Congratulations. But are your business processes and technologies keeping up? When you started out you might have been able to count your customers on your fingers and toes. Now that you’ve grown, you need something a little more sophisticated and reliable. If you have investigated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, no doubt Microsoft Dynamics with its abundance of features and ease of use is at the top of your wish list. But, to budget the total price of a Dynamics 365 project you need to know more than just the sticker price of the software; you will need to factor in the deployment, implementation, and support.

There’s a fast and easy way to find out what the total cost will be: the CRM Software Blog’s Quick Quote Tool.

Here’s how it works:

On each page of the CRM software Blog, you’ll see an orange bar labeled ‘Request Instant Quote Dynamics 365/CRM”. One click on that bar will take you to the (very short) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Quick Quote Request Form.

Fill in some brief information, and you will receive an instant, automated Dynamics 365 Quick Quote outlining software, maintenance, and estimated services costs for an entire project. For either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

The Microsoft Dynamics Online Quick Quote Tool is free and available immediately from

Whether you are looking to replace your legacy CRM system or dive into customer relationship management (CRM) for the first time, the quick quote tool can help you get started

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