User Group Summit Phoenix is THE Event For ALL Legacy, Current and Future Microsoft Dynamics Users

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Are you on an old version of Microsoft Dynamics? User Group Summit Phoenix is still the event for you.

In fact, last year at User Group Summit Nashville:

  • 85% of AXUG Summit attendees were not on the current version.
  • 86% of NAVUG Summit attendees were not on the current version.
  • 46% of CRMUG Summit attendees were not on the current version.

Plus, every year there is a small percent that do not even use Dynamics yet, they are just evaluating their options.

Some Microsoft Dynamics users worry that these events will only focus on the latest versions of each product. This year that has been a specific concern for users of legacy Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV now that the products have become various versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We can assure you, even if you are on an old version of the product and are not in a position to upgrade anytime soon, there will still be plenty of content for you at all the UG events.

Name badges do not designate which version you use and even if they did nobody at the event is going to say, “Oh, here's Joe, he hasn't upgraded since 2012. Look at that guy."

This is an event with your peers, your friends. Every company is at a different stage. It doesn’t make sense that everyone would always be on the same version. But if you are thinking of upgrading, there will be users and experts at the event who have been there, done that and can give you advice.

This year the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be a big consideration. At User Group Summit you can attend sessions with experts who can help guide you through the upgrade process and help you evaluate if it the right time.

Tony Stein, Director of Dynamics 365 Program Management, says, “Our content is less about product version and more about roles and application use within the products. Tons of topics, whether around Data Management, BI/Reporting, Security, Extensibility, etc. really discuss best practices for all of you in role utilizing Dynamics CRM or 365. Approximately half of Summit 2017 attendees were on legacy versions of Dynamics CRM so there will be hundreds onsite “in your boat.”

When you look at the User Group Summit session list you can filter for the specific product you are interested in and build your session schedule. For example, on the AXUG session list if you select “AX 2012” you will see it mentioned in the name or description of the session.


Remember too, that Summit Phoenix is not JUST about the products you currently own. When you register for one User Group Summit you get access to all the User Groups. For example, companies using any of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP products can attend the CRM sessions as part of CRMUG Summit and D365 Summit. Plus, this year you can attend the inaugural Power Summit with sessions on Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and more. This is a great value add as the Power Platform is a “hot” topic, especially for Dynamics GP users.

Find out more about the Summit Phoenix events in October 2018 and register now – no matter what eversion you are on!

UG Summit Events: October 15-18, 2018, Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

AXUG Summit:


CRMUG Summit:

D365UG Summit:

GPUG Summit:

Power Summit:

If you are a longtime Microsoft Dynamics user, a brand new user, or even a future user, this is the event for you.

By CRM Software Blog Editor,

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