Clone Pro- Clone Records with Workflow! (Recurring Cloning)

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With Clone pro,  users can set up what to clone including the cloning of related entities, like products, when cloning invoice. Now you can clone with Workflow!

Consider the need to create recurring invoices or recurring orders once every moth. With Dynamics Clone, you can automate this process using workflow.

Here is an example to of how to clone an order once a month.

Step 1: Set up cloning functionality to Order entity.

Go to Settings> Clone Pro. Create new record and select Entity Name as Order

To clone the Order and the order products (Sales Order details) select this relationship for Copy the selected 1:N relationship records.

By default we clone all fields of the Order record, but you can select fields you do not wish to clone.

Clone Pro 1

Create new order, add products and test that with one click of the Clone button, the order and products are cloned.

Step 2: Clone with Workflow

Your workflow can be automated to create recurring orders once every month. To do so, add a date field in the Order record. This date field is used by the Wait Condition to wait with the workflow execution and it is updated to current date each time the process runs. You also need to select the Available to Run >As a child workflow, to allow recurring orders to be created periodically.

The workflow will have the following steps:

Wait Condition: Wait until>Date>Equals>Date+1 month

Dynamics Clone Pro> Clone record (no properties required)

Update >Order> Select the Date field and update with process date

Start Child Workflow>Order>select loop again to same workflow.


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