2013: The Year In Microsoft Dynamics CRM From the Customer Effective Blog

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2013 was a watershed year for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the buzz was reflected on the award-winning Customer Effective Blog. We had a quarter of a million unique page views of our blog, and many more after posts were picked up by our syndication partners.  Readers on average spent almost four minutes on each page - which seems to imply we are still offering something of value to the community.  Unlike a typical industry blog, our posts come from front line CRM professionals; not professional writers paid to aggregate CRM news.  All of our team members are encouraged to share the experiences and customer challenges they encounter every day.

Below is a list we compiled of our top blog posts from 2013.  What does this list teach us?  First of all, the Microsoft CRM community is very interested in the 2013 changes and really want to know how the new-look CRM compares to other products in the market.  Secondly, many readers are still using this blog as a technical resource.  The majority of all hits to our blog are for posts related to the day-to-day use and administration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  New this year, there was more interest than ever about Customer Effective’s CRM solutions, tools, and frameworks.

Dynamics CRM 2013 Posts

  1. CRM 2013 and Working Browser Independent by Nancy Kuppich, October 15
  2. Microsoft Builds a CRM User Experience People Will Love by Brad Koontz, August 21
  3. Great Changes are Coming – CRM Online Fall ‘13 Subscription User License Pricing by Nancy Kuppich, August 2
  4. Business Rules in CRM 2013 by Phil Li, October 9
  5. Dynamics CRM 2013: The Quick Features by Leah Quartano, September 9

Customer Effective Solutions Posts

  1. Surfacing User Adoption Through Dashboards, by Evan Watson, June 11
  2. CRM plus Spiderview: New Way of Visualizing Entities and Relationships, by Josh Greene, January 24
  3. Introducing CRM Data Detective, by Paul Way, September 26
  4. Customer Effective Extends Basic SharePoint + Microsoft CRM Integration by Tyler Compton, June 27
  5. Good Mobile CRM Programs Start with Strategy (Included CE Mobility webinar) by Brad Koontz, April 4

Technical and User Posts

  1. Data Types Available with Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Mark Weilandt, May 6,
  2. Understanding FetchXML Outer Joins in Dynamics CRM by Paul Way, March 27,
  3. Scheduling Email Notifications by Joel Lindstrom, March 25
  4. Disaster Recovery Strategies by Joel Lindstrom, June 12
  5. Managed Solution Replacement by Thomas Ledbetter, April 24

General CRM News and Commentary

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Salesforce.com: Outlook Integration, by Leah Quartano, Jan. 31
  2. Hey Salesforce, the 1990’s Called; They Want Their UI Back! by Brad Koontz, October 2
  3. How I Changed The Way I Work With Email by Joel Lindstrom, Aug 27th
  4. 2013 Convergence Wrap-Up and Microsoft Dynamics CRM by the Numbers by Brad Koontz
  5. Improve Investment Banking Deal Sourcing Efficiency and Execution by Kevin Wessels, February 12
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