Is Internet Explorer 11 Making Dynamics CRM Act Weird?

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Don’t you hate it when software starts acting weird? You feel like you are the only one, that you must have done something wrong.  Recently Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was showing me a strange version of the screens. Come to find out, it was not just me. And nothing was wrong with Dynamics CRM. It was Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) that was the culprit.

My awesome IT guy, Rob, let the whole company know, “Recently Microsoft started pushing updates to Internet Explorer separately from the normal Windows updates. Because of that, IE 11 is being installed and some websites have stopped working as a result. The reason for the issue is because IE no longer identifies itself as MSIE to the webserver as it did in the past. Sites like CRM as a result misunderstand the new UA string and display the page with missing elements or features.”

Not sure if you have IE11? In your browser, click on the gear icon on the far right of the screen called TOOLS. Click last option for “Internet Explorer Options”.

My awesome IT guy continued, “If you already have IE 11 installed, I recommend uninstalling if for the time being. In Windows 7, you can go into Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View Installed Windows Updates to remove IE 11. Once uninstalled, go to Help -> About Internet Explorer in IE and uncheck the option to update automatically. If you don’t have it, I’d also recommend changing the setting to prevent it until they patch ASP.NET to understand the new UA token they’re using.”

I followed this advice and immediately everything worked again!  Now I am a productive and happy Microsoft Dynamics CRM user once again.


Here are some additional resources:

Some distilled information on the changes along with links to the patches for ASP.NET:

Two MSDN articles describing various aspects of the changes they made in UA representation and site compatibility:

Explains UA Strings:

If you really need IE11, this forum has some functioning directions to force IE11 to cooperate:

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