Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has arrived… In a HUGE way

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As I discussed in one of my previous blogs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will be released to the general public in the fall of 2013. With all signs pointing to an October launch, Microsoft has allowed partners like NexusTek the ability to preview (and play with) this newest installment of their CRM solution. After spending the last few days familiarizing myself with the new interface and features it’s apparent to me Microsoft has positioned itself to offer a CRM system like no other. Microsoft is constantly trying to best its competitors (the biggest of course being, but this time it’s clear they've truly listened to their user base. As a result CRM 2013 will be the most user-friendly and functional product to date.

Here are just a few of the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 that have the market excited:

Marketing Pilot: inbound marketing made simple.

In one of my recent blogs I talked about the various third party products that are able to integrate with Dynamics CRM to help turn inbound marketing efforts into valid lead opportunities for your sales team. While writing that blog I found myself asking, “wouldn't it be great if Dynamics CRM could do this automatically without having to use (or purchase software from) a third party vendor?” Marketing Pilot in Dynamics CRM 2013 will work automatically with your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) to automatically update information within your CRM system. This allows users to log-in and have the new or updated lead records on their homepage (and immediately at their fingertips) making it easier for them to access the data. This tool alone has the ability to create excitement for users to log-in to CRM just to see what new leads have been tossed their way and promotes all-important system adoption.

Microsoft FINALLY boards the mobile train.

I've talked about almost every third party mobile application available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in previous blogs. The number one question I receive from our clients is: “Is there a Microsoft application that I can download directly?” My diplomatic answer has always been “not yet, but I’m hopeful that type of application will be coming soon.” With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 this type of application is now a reality. Not only will Microsoft have its very own app available for download on your android or other smartphone, it will also be supported by Apple and available in the App Store making it easier than ever to access Dynamics CRM on your iPad or iPhone. Until now, Microsoft had everyone guessing as to when they were going to admit to themselves we are a mobile workforce. With this latest release they’ve answered that question and given us the ability to have CRM at our fingertips from anywhere!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 - it really is as easy as Outlook.

It’s no secret one of the biggest reasons that CRM systems fail is because users won’t adopt them. A key selling point of Dynamics CRM has always been how similar seamlessly it works with Microsoft Outlook. We’ve held seminars about this very topic and the message has been extremely simple: “If you can use Outlook, you can use CRM.” Microsoft has officially made our job even easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Where we used to sell on similarities, we can now say that the interfaces are essentially identical. Microsoft has made a huge effort to deliver all of the information you need on a single screen and now, more than ever, if you can navigate Outlook you know exactly what to do in Dynamics CRM.

The more time I spend previewing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 the more excited I become about its release. With its familiar look, feel, improved navigation, and functionality, I’m confident our customers will be excited about it too.

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