CRM & ERP - Like Peas in a Pod

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An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and a customer relationship management (CRM) solution each work very effectively alone.  However, put them together and you can achieve greater insight into your business that you can use to improve customer service while controlling costs.  Here are three benefits to putting two powerhouse solutions together.

  1. Improve productivity:  Your ERP solution manages financials, supply chain, project and services information, inventory, and other important details, while your CRM solution stores customer-centric data.   Some of the data that goes into your ERP will be the same that goes into your CRM.  Instead of entering it twice, enter it once and sync the data.  Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can be integrated so that when customer data is updated in one application, it can be synced with the other application.
  2. Boost sales:  Combining ERP with CRM will get you closer to historical customer purchasing data which can help you identify trends.  It’s quicker and easier to find customer details when it’s linked between the ERP solution and the CRM solution.  You may discover that a customer stocks up on specific products at certain times of the year.  Use your data to make suggestions for products complementary to what they already purchase and send them a promotional email to remind them to replenish their inventory in time for the upcoming season.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers the ability to send email promotions directly from the solution and monitor those results.
  3. Greater insight:  By combining two powerful business solutions, you can keep your eyes on volumes of key data and in fewer steps.  Instead of logging in and out of several programs and trying to figure out data mined from several systems, you can use customized RoleTailored pages that put your important data at your fingertips.  You can monitor inventory, sales activities, customer satisfaction and more from this integrated solution, as well as respond faster to the data.  The quicker you can answer customer questions and perform necessary follow-ups, the more likely your customers will feel valued, which will strengthen long-term relationships.

Using an ERP solution and a CRM solution offers many benefits right from the start.  Combining these two solutions increases those benefits by further improving productivity, control, and insight into your business operations.  The experts at Socius can provide more information about combining ERP with CRM.  Contact Socius to see how ERP and CRM work well together, like peas in a pod.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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