Maps Add Value in CRM: How Marketing Benefits

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Over the past two weeks, I have asked, "What do you think of when you think of maps?" For many of you, it's vacations, treasure hunts, and weather forecasts.

Recent blogs describe how sales reps and sales managers benefit from maps in CRM, such as: (1) saving time in planning trips by coordinating travel time to see other customers and prospects, and (2) managing sales territories better.

Eighty percent of a company's data has a map-related component. Because maps let you easily visualize spatial data, you can better understand location relationships and quickly identify growth opportunities to gain market share.  In B2B, this "location intelligence" applies to marketing, as well as sales.

What value does a map add for marketing?

  •  Create targeted marketing and advertising campaigns by cloning your best customers.
  •  View markets, customers, prospects,  dealers, and competition more effectively than wading through cumbersome rows and columns of spreadsheet data (often hidden data).
  • Visualize business data (such as, sales, volume, or the date a customer was last contacted) on a map with different symbols, pie charts, and polygon areas.
  • Enhance cross-channel communication and share intelligence throughout your company.
  • Streamline the start-to-finish marketing process, at lower costs and with more qualified leads.
  • Gain a competitive edge by more promptly acting on opportunities and resolving challenges via mapping and CRM, rather than simply reacting via CRM without maps, or with just a static spreadsheet.
  • Determine the best location for a new branch or office.


I'd like to help you solve your marketing challenges and accelerate your growth with mapping and CRM. Please call me: 800-897-9807, x224, or email: You, too, will know, indeed, that "If a picture tells a thousand words, then a map tells ten thousand.”

by InfoGrow

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