Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Yammer Make Collaboration in the Workplace Easier

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 In early June, Microsoft announced that they were acquiring the enterprise social media site Yammer. While Microsoft had made their plans for integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM known, they had been quiet about what that integration would look like until recently.

In November, Yammer and Microsoft jointly held the conference “YamJam 2012”, during which they announced plans to deepen the integration between Yammer and Dynamics CRM.

Most notably in this announcement came the addition of a new “pages” capability in Yammer. When a new record is created in Dynamics CRM- whether this record is an opportunity, a case, a project, or something unique to a given organization, the record can be discussed on the home feed in Yammer. This means records can be discussed across all parts of an organization, whereas previously pages could only be created within a limited group.

Sharing this type of information from Dynamics CRM through Yammer means more than merely alerting others when a new opportunity, case, or project has been created. Yammer allows you to dig deeper and create conversations about records, solicit resources for more information, answer questions, and generally improve the quality of your customer interactions. Non-CRM users in your organization can also comment on the Yammer feed. Most importantly, this information is compiled into the CRM database and viewable when in Microsoft Dynamics CRM  including the information from the non-CRM users!

The Yammer and Dynamics CRM integration allows people to collaborate from all different layers of your organization, which in turn reinforces teamwork, accelerates issue resolution and decision-making, and maximizes your investment in CRM.

by Nexus Tek

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