How Secure is the Data in Your CRM System?

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It has been widely noted that Microsoft Dynamics CRM's next update, set for release in December 2012, will have deeper connection to Yammer and Skype, embedded Bing maps, Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility, cross-browser capabilities and iPad support. What’s less talked about is data security. Along with the above-mentioned features, Microsoft also said that it “continues its commitment to trustworthy computing by complying with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2)”, a U.S. government standard used to accredit encrypted modules designed to secure sensitive, but unclassified information.


FIPS 140-2 is a mandatory standard for the protection of sensitive data for government agencies and increasingly used by many other industries including financial & healthcare institutions. Utilizing high levels of encryption should be top of mind for any organization that collects, stores, transfers, shares, or disseminates sensitive or protected information.


Securing sensitive data is a critical concern for organizations of all types and sizes. Credit card numbers, medical info, health records, and other personal information must be stored and secured in such a way that only authorized personnel are able to access the information. Sensitive information is routinely kept in a company’s CRM system. It is imperative that organizations are aware of the importance of data security and are dedicated to ensuring that employees, customers and partners are protected.


Since data security is largely based upon “where the data lives”, an organization’s infrastructure and operational controls need to be aligned with the importance of protecting sensitive information.  If an organization doesn't have the resources or wherewithal to properly set up this infrastructure, they should seriously consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, an organization’s CRM system “lives in Microsoft’s Cloud” so organizations can take advantage of  Microsoft’s robust infrastructure and feel confident their CRM system maintains the highest levels of security, compliance policies and data security controls.  Customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can rest assured that sensitive information in their CRM system is well-protected from outside threats.


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Security and Service Continuity Guide highlights the various levels of security provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  Whether you choose to deploy in “Your Cloud” or “Microsoft’s Cloud”, this whitepaper outlines the areas important for securing your CRM system and protecting the sensitive data stored within.



by AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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