Microsoft Officially Enters the Social Networking Arena With the Purchase of Networking Start-up Yammer

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Microsoft has recently completed the acquisition of the business-oriented social networking startup Yammer. Yammer will be integrated into the Office division of products and comes automatically installed with all future versions of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Much like its competitors Facebook and LinkedIn, Yammer provides corporate social networks where employees can post short messages, share links, create and edit events, post pictures, and send private messages.  Yammer distinguishes itself from Facebook and Twitter in the areas of security and privacy; access to each Yammer network is controlled by a domain and e-mail address. Without a corporate e-mail address, access to the corporation’s Yammer account will be denied.

Microsoft plans to continue to improve the Yammer platform. In the near future they plan to use Yammer to complement SharePoint, Office 365, and their Dynamics platforms, specifically Dynamics CRM 2011. While they are hoping to start this process as soon as possible, the next generation of Microsoft products—including Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013—are unlikely to see any significant degree of Yammer integration as it’s too late in their development cycle.

By Nexus Tek

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