Three Global Software Vendors Choose To Extend Their Solutions On a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP Platform

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Microsoft Dynamics is not just a midmarket player, and these global players prove it. Today in Toronto at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Kirill Tatarinov, Microsoft Business Solutions President highlighted three enterprise partners that serve highly specialized, vertical markets across the world. These partners have chosen to build solutions on Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM platforms to serve large, complex organizations.

“Microsoft brings together technologies in a way no other company can,” Kirill Tatarinov says. “With Microsoft Dynamics, partners can put familiar tools such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint on top of huge business datasets stored in SQL Server. The potential of this is as limitless as the market itself. We’re only beginning to explore it.”

The three companies highlighted are:

1. Technosoft


This Indonesia-based company has clients in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and distribution. They recently used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to build an automotive dealership-management solution.

Using a CRM based solution gave them options that aren't available to most dealer applications, which are usually ERP-based and can only be used to record transactions. Co-founder Fredy Tandiary said that, on top of tracking sales, they could “transform customer experiences through tightly integrated CRM and DMS processes.”

Their application tracks not just sales, but the entire customer experience, from demand, through test-drive and quotation, to sales and post-sale service. It's also integrated with social networks, notifying staff when relevant messages are sent. Finally, it allows staff to respond to all of this information not just through phone and email, but through text messages, faxes, and many others.



Working together with large enterprises for over 26 years, PROS is now using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to sift through literally millions of views, SKUs, products, shopping baskets, and transactions in order to give users an easily understood representation of the data using familiar platforms.

John Salch, VP of tech and platforms, said there's no longer any reason for “knowledge to be the hands of one or two people.” Their solution allows the data to be accessed through familiar software, like Excel.

By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they can present this data through the same interface employees use to generate quotes and serve customers.

3. Cincom Systems


This highly respected software company has worked with huge brands to solve extremely complex problems, like building a submarine or airplane.

Sanjiv Karani, head of global product marketing, says all the uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity means “what you need is simplicity...Understanding the problems in the complex manufacturing what helps these customers transform into a dynamic business.”

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the architecture for the interface, Cincom can focus their attention on finding ways to sort through data and make sense of it. Dynamics has a structure flexible enough to meet these needs with satisfaction.

The message from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference - these companies all had a choice. They could partner with Microsoft or partner with another enterprise player. Their choice proves that Microsoft Dynamics is becoming as relevant for the enterprise today as it is for the midmarket.

Meet these companies in their online interviews  - Watch WPC Video - Cincom Systems, PROS, Technosoft and more

Source: Mastering Complexity: Global Partners Choose the Microsoft Dynamics Platform

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