Going Mobile with CRM 2011

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With everyone wanting to be mobile, it would be great if there was an easy way to access my CRM data on a mobile device. Well, Microsoft CRM 2011 gives you that functionality out of the box. Simply append /m to the end of the url you use to access Microsoft CRM. For example: https://sample.crm.dynamics.com/m

Feel free to open your mobile url from a regular browser as well to get the experience. That is how I will present the following screehshots from a browser (to make my life easier).


Click the "Accounts" link to see a list of your accounts.


Click on one of the accounts to see how your account information is displayed.


A great feature is that you already have links to existing objects related to the account you are viewing.

The mobile forms are separate forms in Microsoft CRM 2011. You can locate them in the Customization area listed in the Forms area of the specific entity.

Keep in mind the form factor you are dealing with. The screen sizes on most phones are quite small so you do not want to add too much information. I typically recommend keeping the same amount of items you are given out of the box but replace ones you may not be using.


Post by: Mark Weilandt, Customer Effective 

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