Top 3 Features Marketers Will Love in CRM 2011

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Like many other Dynamics CRM users, I was pretty happy with the program, but I had a short wish list of items that just would have made my life easier.  I am happy to report that Microsoft was indeed listening….Here are the three little tweaks that make my top ease-of-use list.

  1. A key feature was missing from the Bulk Email functionality -- the ability to add attachments.
  2. Something else that I could really have used?  A way to use email templates when distributing Campaign Activities and Quick Campaigns. I have to admit, this missing feature drove me NUTS.
  3. And the best one – make my email template “remember” that I have sent an attachment out with it previously, so that every time I use that template, attachments are sent out automatically.    

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 addresses all of these missing features, and not only that, they make it EASY to use them. 

-Adding attachments to email templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is as easy as adding an attachment to any email. The email template form now comes with an attachment section embedded.

-And using a template in a Quick Campaign?  There is a neat little check box that says, “Use Template”.  Easy-Peasy.

-And of course, with the last feature, having the template remember to include an attachment – I don’t have to do ANYTHING.  It’s automatic. 

I love it when they listen.

Happy New Year.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have: Donna Krizik, Feterick & Associates, Inc  847-795-8200 x202 or

Submitted by Feterick & Associates, Inc –Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Illinois.

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