Dynamics CRM: An Innovative Solution for Union Staff And Members

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With budgets remaining low, organizations and unions are under great pressure to find innovative solutions for automating vital processes, increasing staff productivity, and reducing IT cost. To meet these goals, unions are turning to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution that centralizes data and processes for both staff and members.

Some of the data unions are tracking and managing with a Dynamics CRM solution include:

  • Member and Employer Demographics
  • Contact Information
  • Working Dues
  • Contracts
  • Claims or Issues
  • Benefits Distribution


Meeting Challenges with a Central System

To handle their various activities and processes, many unions have adopted multiple systems and applications. Each one may work to meet a specific business challenge, but they don’t provide a clear overview of member activity and data. And even worse, the use of separate systems leads to unnecessary increases in labor and cost.

Accurate Membership Data

The CRM platform is flexible enough to handle many of a union’s processes. With all this data in a central system, unions can gain a more comprehensive and accurate view of each member and his involvement in the union.

Increased Productivity

Using a centralized system for your data and processes means less time spent rekeying data from one system to another. This increases staff productivity and allows for a faster, more thorough analysis of data.

Reduced IT Cost

And with a central CRM system, your IT staff are required to support and maintain just one platform, reducing costs for you.

Member Access & Management

Not only does a central CRM solution automate processes for union managers, but it also improves self-service access for members. With permission from union managers, members have the ability to access and manage their own contact information, submit a claim, or view their working dues, all from one portal.

End User Adoption - Keep Members using CRM

Getting union managers and members to use a new system (and to keep using it) can be difficult. But end user adoption for CRM remains high, as the platform addresses two very important needs for users.

CRM is Familiar and Easy to Use   

Most users are already familiar with the two interfaces offered in Dynamics CRM: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. CRM also integrates with many of the Microsoft Office programs that your members or managers are currently using.

CRM is Multifunctional

Dynamics CRM helps users perform the tasks that are important to them. An Advanced Search function provides users with a quick and simple way to find the information they need, and integrations with Microsoft Excel and SQL Reporting Services assist users in efficient data analysis.

Dynamics CRM is just the innovative solution unions need for doing more with less. Implementing one central CRM solution allows staff to increase productivity and efficiency, while staying within their budgets. And union members, too, are happy to use CRM because of its simple, user-friendly platform and its self-serving capabilities.  To find out how Dynamics CRM can benefit your union or benefits fund, contact Steve Kane (301-634-2404 and skane@broadpoint.net) at BroadPoint Technologies, Virginia’s most experienced Dynamics CRM Microsoft Partner.

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