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How to Create and Use Email Signatures in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

  In this video by our Dynamics 365 CRM support team, we'll look at how to create email signatures in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.   "How do I create an email signature?" is a very common question from users, especially early on, and they are pretty simple to set up.   They are also […]

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How to Enable Business Process Flows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM

  In this video by our Dynamics 365 CRM support team, we'll look at how to enable business process flows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.   Business process flows are useful for standardizing how your team tackles particular tasks. Basically, they serve as guides for how to get things done.   For example, you […]

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How to Use Connections in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

  In this video by our Dynamics 365 CRM support team, we'll look at how to use Connections in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales to create searchable relationships between entities.   Connections add valuable layers of relationship information to your records. For example, you can connect a contact to multiple accounts, which is highly valuable […]

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Want CRM Success? Serve the Servants First!

  Imagine this:   You’re the owner or manager of a small business. You’re facing mounting competitive pressures and shrinking margins. Differentiation has become harder and harder because your competitors are one click away on the Internet.   You need to create consistent, high-quality experiences to keep prospects and customers coming back for more.   […]

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What’s in a Name? CRM vs ERP and the Importance of Speaking Your Customers’ Language

  Every industry uses jargon and short-cut terms for more precise and efficient communication within their industry. Jargon can be great when you’re in the know. In my opinion, though, the technology industry is the absolute WORST with the jargon because it is baked into the very products.   CRM vs ERP vs real business […]

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Expanding B2B E-mail Marketing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How many tools do you use to automate your e-mail marketing, create custom landing pages, generate leads, provide web analytics, and analyze leads?  Now does it integrate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM? SalesFUSION 360 has a toolkit of products that makes all of these tasks easy and for a reasonable monthly fee.  The Quick Start program gets you off […]

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Achieve Customer Satisfaction With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Through Multiple Touch Points

This article caught my eye because it touches on three industries where CRM is key to customer satisfaction.  Also, because Crestwood Associates has several customer in each of these industries. Wealth management and private banking division of financial service companies. Computers, peripherals and equipment distribution in the wholsale B2B domain. Patient relationship management in the […]

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Training on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is key to success

Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so customizable, flexible and easy to use, many customers implementing Dynamics CRM consider training an afterthought.    But training is a continuous process in Dynamics CRM and best if started early in the project and continued during the project all the way to end-user training and after that with continuing education […]

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Making the most of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Opportunities

Let’s say I am a National Sales Manager managing a fairly good sized nationwide sales force of independent agents and direct sales employees. These sales people are of widely varying experience and knowledge with our products and sales processes. While many of the newer sales people are motivated and aggressive, they just don’t have the […]

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Microsoft CRM Buying Checklist

Crestwood has been implementing Microsoft CRM since its first release almost 7 years ago.  We are committed to learning about your industry and studying your specific business practices before clicking into the customization screens.  A lot of times we find during our discovery sessions that just talking about the best practices we have uncovered opens […]

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