4 Ways Dynamics 365 Users Can Benefit from Dynamics 365 Map Integration

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Many organizations invest a lot of time and money into updating their software to make it work as efficiently as possible and get the best results. Your organization may do this, too. However, even after trying different tools, you might still have trouble simplifying things.

One big problem organizations often face is managing their sales reps who work outside the office. Sometimes, adding more tools doesn't help and can make things even more complicated. It can create confusion instead of solving problems.

There are many challenges to deal with, but there's a simple solution: a Dynamics 365 map plugin called MappyField 365. Let's explore how this plugin can help your organization overcome the challenges you're facing.

  • Better Understanding and Usage of CRM Data

Understanding CRM data can be tricky. Just looking at records in a CRM system doesn't always give you a clear picture. Analyzing the data before making decisions is crucial for making better choices.

Sometimes, even small differences in data can have a big impact, especially when your decisions depend on where your clients are located. For organizations with sales teams who visit clients in person to promote or sell products, knowing where clients are is essential.

It's easier to grasp the importance of client locations when you see them on a map rather than in a list. This is where MappyField 365 come in handy. They help you understand your data better by plotting all your CRM records on a map, represented by pins. Each pin represents a client location.

When you integrate a map plugin, it enhances your decision-making for the organization. You can also use filters to focus on specific records or locations, providing deeper insights into your data. Once you have a better understanding of your data, you can create more effective plans.

For instance, if you're planning a marketing campaign to attract new customers, you can identify regions with fewer clients to target. On the other hand, if you want to boost sales of an existing product, you might aim for areas with more customers who are already familiar with your brand.

So, when you can see your data visually on a map, it adds clarity to your strategies. Instead of working blindly with a list, you can have a clearer picture to guide your efforts when making plans.

  • Search Your Proximity

When you or your team have to travel a long way, say 50 miles, to meet a client, it's essential to make the most of that trip. While you might remember the locations of some favorite clients, not everyone on your team will. To maximize your time during such trips, it's a great idea to catch up with other clients nearby.

So, the big question is, how can someone travel a long distance to meet one client and use their time effectively? The answer lies in being able to see nearby clients and their details.

This is precisely what map plugins can do. They gather information from your calendar and display clients who are close by, within a set radius like 5 miles or 10 miles (you choose the limit). This proximity search helps you find clients in those areas, saving you from traveling too far and allowing you to wrap up meetings more efficiently.

Whether you're out in the field or working from the office, anyone can use this proximity search feature, share leads with their team, and get the most out of their trips. This not only saves time for employees but also reduces fuel consumption, especially if they have other clients to visit in the same area as the previous ones!

  • Find the Best Route

We are all familiar with using apps like Apple Maps or Google Maps to find our way around, and they've certainly made our lives easier. Even sales representatives rely on these apps to navigate to their next client's location.

However, they encounter a challenge when using these apps. Typically, they have to visit multiple clients in a single day. They end up manually entering each client's location one by one into the map app. While the map does provide directions to each individual destination, what's missing is a route that efficiently covers all the locations they need to visit in a day.

This lack of a comprehensive route often leads to sales reps revisiting the same areas because they don't know which clients are close to each other. Map plugins come to the rescue by creating routes that include all the client locations. These routes are smart, avoiding heavily congested roads and even predicting the estimated arrival time. If there are any changes in traffic conditions, the plugin suggests faster alternative routes. It operates much like the maps on our phones, but the difference is that you don't have to manually input the locations.

  • Utilize Resources Efficiently

Managing a team, especially those working in the field, can be challenging. You can't always have them nearby to discuss ideas or offer guidance. Collaborating with the team, maintaining open communication, achieving targets, and more become difficult when your team is out in the field.

Managers often have to wait for updates to find out if their team is completing their tasks or not. They also need to consider other factors, such as whether there are any urgent issues that need attention, whether all clients are being visited genuinely, or if everyone is working faithfully.

Managers can't personally verify every detail their team fills out. That's where a map plugin comes in handy. It offers a feature to track the meetings of your sales reps. When they arrive at a client's location, they can check in, and when the meeting is over, they can check out. This feature uses geofencing to ensure that check-ins and check-outs happen only at the client location and nowhere else. It prevents false entries.

There are several benefits to this feature:

  • No fake entries for client meetings; reps must be at the client's location to check-in.
  • Digital records of the total time spent on each meeting.
  • Keeps managers updated about their team members' status.
  • Meeting reports are stored with the meeting details for easy reference.

With accurate data, managers can make better decisions for future actions. They can prevent employees from overworking and improve productivity with real-time information. Both of these situations are essential for a company's image and reputation.


For organizations relying on on-field sales representatives, integrating a map plugin like MappyField 365 with their CRM is a smart move. As discussed earlier, this integration can significantly streamline various processes, leading to improved sales performance and enhanced employee productivity.

With this integration, you can plan more effectively, increasing your chances of achieving the desired results. To get started, simply search for MappyField 365 on MS AppSource, and you will find all the details of the tool, including the plans and pricing.

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