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During times of national or international emergencies, threats, or wars, fuel prices are instantly affected. These sudden and significant changes in fuel prices can have an impact on businesses that rely heavily on logistics or services that involves frequent traveling.

While we cannot directly control fuel prices, we do have control over how much fuel we consume. It is important for organizations to find ways to reduce their fuel usage in order to lower fuel costs.

Fuel expenses make up a significant portion of an organization's profits. To tackle this, organizations are leveraging technology to discover methods that can help minimize fuel consumption.

One highly effective approach is utilizing MappyField 365. This plugin integrates with your Dynamics 365 CRM, offering a range of features such as data plotting on maps, resource management, route optimization, proximity search, analytical dashboard, and much more.

Let’s explore how Dynamics 365 Map can help you reduce both fuel consumption and costs.

Challenge 1

Suppose a company specializes in delivering food products throughout California. As their popularity grew and the number of clients increased, they encountered difficulties in managing their deliveries due to the scattered locations of their clients, who are various retailers across the state.

The rising fuel prices have posed a challenge for them in maintaining a profitable ratio. Without proper insights on how to connect clients using the shortest routes, they often find themselves going back and forth unnecessarily. This not only consumes valuable time but also increases the risk of food products spoiling if not delivered promptly.

Another issue faced by the company is the lack of a structured delivery system. Each employee follows their own approach to delivering products. As the number of clients continues to grow, the delivery agents often find themselves delivering to unfamiliar areas. There are roads that prohibit the passage of trucks and other commercial vehicles. Consequently, alternative routes have to be taken, which adds to the fuel costs and transportation charges.


In order to efficiently handle their growing client base and ensure customer satisfaction, this food product delivery company decided to integrate MappyField with their Dynamics 365 CRM system. This integration proved to be highly beneficial for them.

MappyField's route optimization feature played a crucial role in streamlining their delivery process. With this feature, users were able to input multiple stops or delivery locations. MappyField then calculated the most efficient and shortest route, taking into account factors such as traffic, roads with restrictions on truck entry, toll booths, and more.

By leveraging the Route Optimization feature of  Dynamics 365 map, this company was able to minimize unnecessary back-and-forth trips. As a result, their deliveries were consistently on time, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, they experienced significant reductions in transportation and fuel costs which had a positive impact on their overall profitability.

Challenge 2

A pharmaceutical company encountered numerous challenges due to the Covid pandemic. The strategies and processes they used before Covid were no longer effective.

Previously, the company relied on their medical representatives (MRs) to visit doctors and showcase samples of their medicines. Most doctors did not require prior appointments for these visits.

However, the arrival of Covid changed everything. Doctors were reluctant to meet without prior appointments due to various restrictions. This had a significant impact on their business operations.

Their sales declined, and they no longer received essential feedback from doctors, which is crucial for improving their medicines.

Before Covid, MRs only needed to book appointments with a few specific doctors. But now they had to schedule appointments for every doctor they wanted to meet. The timing of these appointments would often change based on the doctors' availability. This posed a challenge for the MRs to adapt to this new process.

To meet their minimum targets, the MRs had to travel long distances of 20 to 30 miles or more just to meet a single doctor. This extensive traveling not only incurred additional costs for the company but also consumed a significant amount of their time. However, despite the efforts and expenses, the desired results were not achieved.


The company made the smart decision to integrate MappyField with their Dynamics 365 CRM system, and one of the most beneficial features they utilized was the proximity search feature.

Now the medical representatives (MRs) could easily locate doctors in their region. They could check if the doctors were available at a particular time and book appointments accordingly.

Instead of traveling long distances to meet a single doctor, each MR could now find doctors nearby their current location. This meant they didn't have to travel 20 miles just to meet one doctor. In fact, they could efficiently schedule appointments with two doctors who were located nearby.

Moreover, managers were able to send leads to their on-field teams by leveraging MappyField's live location tracking. They could monitor the real-time locations of all the MRs and contact the one who happened to be closest to a particular lead or client.

By using MappyField, the pharma company successfully addressed two major challenges:

They improved appointment management by enabling their field team to efficiently find nearby doctors and cafes using MappyField's Point of Interest (POI) feature. This allowed them to plan their routes accordingly, avoiding unnecessary travel.

The company significantly reduced fuel consumption as their team could now connect with doctors in close proximity, eliminating the need for extensive travel. This fuel-saving approach undoubtedly contributed to increased profit margins for the company.

Overall, the integration of MappyField brought about positive changes, optimizing their appointment scheduling and reducing fuel costs while enhancing their overall efficiency.

Save Cost With MappyField 365

If you're running a business involving transportation, such as a food or pharmaceutical company, dealing with uncertain fuel prices can be a significant challenge. One effective way to mitigate this cost is by reducing the number of miles traveled, and that's where MappyField comes in as an ideal delivery solution for your business.

MappyField offers several features that can help you save on fuel costs:

  1. Route Optimization: With MappyField's route optimization feature, you can plan the most efficient routes for your deliveries. By minimizing unnecessary detours and optimizing the sequence of stops, you can reduce the overall mileage traveled, leading to fuel savings.
  2. Proximity Search: MappyField's proximity search feature allows you to locate nearby customers, clients, or delivery points easily. By grouping together close-by destinations, you can consolidate trips and avoid unnecessary backtracking, thereby minimizing fuel consumption.
  3. Point of Interest (POI): MappyField's POI feature enables you to identify important locations such as gas stations, restaurants, or other essential stops along your delivery routes. By including these stops in your planning, you can ensure convenient access to necessary services and avoid unnecessary trips.

In addition to these features, MappyField offers tools like Check-in/Check-out and geofencing, which can help you better manage your time. You can track meeting durations and travel times, allowing for better optimization and scheduling.

To start experiencing the benefits of MappyField and saving costs on fuel, we invite you to begin a free trial today. Connect with us at or visit our website for more information.

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