4 Tips to Help Your HVAC Company Keep Up With Summer Service Demand

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Summer is here. You can expect that with it will come heat waves and broken air conditioners.

Is your HVAC field service up to the job when multiple clients all lose service at the same time?

Here are 4 tips to help your HVAC company keep up with summer service demand as the days get warmer and warmer.

  1. Track Everything
  • HVAC service is very complicated. That is why customers call you when they have problems. They don’t know what to do, but they do know that you do. When you get the call, you need to be completely certain that you have everything you need to do the job before the truck rolls. Return trips cost valuable time and money, and no one likes waiting around for their HVAC system to be repaired while they sweat it out. Track everything with a comprehensive field software solution to ensure you always have everything you need so that no one is waiting to be comfortable any longer than they need to. Both your bottom line and your customers will be happier.

2. Connect Everything

3. Scheduling And Routing

  • Job sites might be in all manner of places, and of course the faster you get there, the more time you can spend servicing the customer and the faster you can solve their problems. We understand that getting from point a to point b sometimes takes far longer than it should. Traffic is a continual problem, and some job sites are in remote, hard to find locations. That is why FIELDBOSS® is integrated with google maps to give you the most optimized route, with real-time traffic updates. All of your service schedule information automatically synchs up with google maps, saving you time you would have otherwise have had to spend navigating.

4. Keep Everything Safe

  • It goes without saying that safety is vital to any company in the HVAC industry. The security of customers and techs is always a top priority. We know that HVAC companies have enough chemicals with different safety conditions to be met to make tracking and organization difficult, to say the least. That’s why an intelligent software solution custom built to manage the HVAC industry can really help. With software tracking expiration dates and reminding you when equipment needs regular service, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything and everyone is as safe as can be.

For more information on how an automated field service software solution can help you keep up with your summertime demand, visit www.fieldboss.com or contact us here. 

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