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Completing all the research, calculations, and paperwork for quotes, jobs, and estimates can be overwhelming. Getting it done quickly and accurately to ensure profitability can be an ongoing source of stress. If you are rushed and not equipped with the right information, mistakes will happen and things  will likely fall through the cracks.

With an automated estimating and quoting process you can help your sales team create more accurate quotes in less time while winning more business. Increase your company’s winning proposal numbers by:

  1. Automating business processes
    Use software that enables one-click conversion of lead records into opportunities. Automation can also be used to generate one click into proposals and quotes. Once the job is won, you can instantly convert accepted proposals, quotes, and estimates to work orders and invoices
  2. Improving user productivity
    Instantly look up and insert key information such as equipment, material, labor, and other charges with customizable drop down lists.
  3. Utilizing Microsoft Word templates
    Streamline document production using Microsoft Word templates to quickly prepare professional customer response emails, proposals, quotes, and estimates. Documents can be customized in your own language with detailed disclaimer text. Take things one step further by attaching pictures, documents, and spreadsheets to any proposal, quote, or estimate.
  4. Leveraging email alerts and dashboards
    Manage the information that really matters like markups or margins on estimates. Management can see in real time the likely effect on profit using email notifications or viewing the quote information on-line via charts and graphs, and then decide to approve or rework the quotes.

By applying automated quoting into business processes, your company will be able to increase sales, improve service procedures, and generate more revenue. That’s how you win more business!

For more information on automating your quotes and estimates, please contact FIELDBOSS.

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    I am using CRM dynamics 2016 Our website has multiple check boxes. I want to set an email auto response according to the check boxes checked.

    Thank you.

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