Email “Statement of Account” with Dynamics CRM Workflow

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Statement of account is a list that a company sends to customers of the money that the customers have paid for goods or services and remind the customers for the money that they still owe. In the out of box CRM, invoices and payments can be managed with the Invoice entity. We also offer integration services where customized entity is integrated with accounting software and invoices and payments entered in the accounting software are sync and updated in CRM (contact us for more info).

Whether your company is using the invoice entity or customized solution, integrating CRM with accounting software, what is important is an automated system to generate periodical (usually, monthly) account statement and email it, as PDF attachment, to the customer.

To create well-presented account statement we offer two products:

Dynamics PDF-Docs> Using CRM 2016 Word template you can create a word document and merge with fields from CRM entities. Dynamics PDF-Docs, PDFs the document either in the CRM form or the view list, and attach the PDF document to an Email, with one click of a button.

Dynamics Docs works in very similar way as Dynamics PDF-Docs, and has more features when data needs to be retrieved from many related entities and / or logical operations are required when generating the document. Dynamics Docs is also available for previous CRM versions, while PDF-Docs is only available for CRM 2016.

With Dynamics PDF-Docs and Dynamics Docs you can schedule a workflow to PDF the account statement and Email it, as an attachment, to the client.

More sophisticated CRM users can also incorporate Dynamics Workflows for functions (steps) not available in CRM Workflows. As an example, with Dynamics Workflows you can schedule the workflow to the last day of the month (whether it’s the 28th, 29th , 30th or 31st ) or include text like: “Attached account statement for the month (month name)” and the month name is extracted from  the CRM Current Date.

Fully functional free trial is available for all our products:

Download Dynamics Docs

Download Dynamics PDF-Docs

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