Data Cleansing in Your CRM System

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If you are looking to clean a database with 50,000 records, 20,000,000 records or an unlimited number of records, our DQ Match™ Deduplication Software can help.

DQ Match™ links directly to your CRM application or database(s) to identify duplicates and ensure your data is correctly formatted and duplicate free, providing you with a Single Customer View.

Users have complete control over the way the matches are identified. Once found you can manage duplicate records with ease: reviewing, enhancing, grouping, linking, updating or flagging for deletion. What makes our data cleansing software different from its competitors is the ability to deal VERY QUICKLY with a high number of records.

DQ Match™ is easy to use and fast, searching across an unlimited number of database fields – even when data is misaligned by column.

DedupeExpress™ is a lite version of our DQ Match™ software. With reduced functionality to reflect the cost.

Have a look at the table in the following link and see which of our Data Cleansing Software Products is suitable for you:

We offer a 30 day free trial license of our DQ Match™ and DedupeExpress™ so you can see for yourself how easy, fast and effective they deal with the duplicate data in your CRM system or database – Download Free Trial.

If you need help with your Data Quality challenges then contact our team who will be happy to advise you on the best course of action.

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