Businesses User Reviews Confirm the Amazing Versatility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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24 creative ways cover imageIt is no secret that modern CRM software packages can connect all of your data to give clients the best customer experience possible.

It is amazing that just one software product can keep track of customer needs, preferences, purchasing history, and payment information, and match that with current pricing and promotion data.

But as many companies testify, the built-in versatility of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software platform lets it do so much more.

An international panel of CRM experts investigated the ways actual businesses and organizations are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and found extensive evidence that this software really can be extended to meet the needs of almost any company or organization. These results have been reviewed in a white paper that discusses 24 ways that users have used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to cover their specific needs across a variety of industries.

Download: 24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers (no login required)

The true mini-stories in this white paper can give you ideas to creatively extend your own Microsoft Dynamics CRM package to other areas of your business. Or, if your company has been holding off on investing in CRM software because you think an outside package could never fit your unique business needs, these examples can help you see just how flexibly Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be customized for any business or organization, including yours.

To find out how your company can also be a Microsoft Dynamics CRM success story, contact AbleBridge.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner,

Twitter: @AbleBridge





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