Build Relationships in Less Time With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Insights

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It is all about building relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Social Insights.

Social Insights, powered by InsideView, delivers data, insights, and connections directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and is available at no additional cost to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers with Professional licenses.

Social Insights puts real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Additionally, it enables CRM users to identity the right people to establish relationships with and build credibility.

For instance, using Social Insights organizations gain the ability to:

  • Discover connections to key people within your target accounts.
  • Use its 360 degree profiles and real-time updates from LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, and other social media to learn more about your organization’s prospects and customers.
  • Follow key prospects and receive alerts when individuals change jobs, get promoted, or are in the news.

Additionally, Watchlists are a favorite feature in Social Insights and allow users to keep track of personalized company lists and people to follow. There are two types of Watchlists available in Social Insights:

  • Frequently Viewed Watchlists automatically track the companies and people you view most frequently and users have the ability to modify frequency rules for this watchlist.
  • Custom Watchlist gives you the opportunity to manually add up to 200 companies or people to the list.

Expect to hear more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM services, and take a look at additional Microsoft Dynamics CRM features by visiting our Microsoft Dynamics CRM page.

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By Sikich, Chicago and St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics Partner,

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