Turning on Yammer + CRM Integration? Move Your Post Data with a Simple Workflow

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The Yammer-CRM integration is finally available for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  If you have logged on and looked at your Activity Feeds lately, you will see a ‘Get Yammer’ notice near you messages.  One of the key things to consider before you pull the trigger is that your activity feed user post data will not be accessible from your record walls or your main ‘what’s new’ feed.  Yammer will replace this functionality.  The old post data will still live in the system and you can grab it with Advance Find or the SDK, but users will not see it on their walls.

So the challenge for current users of Activity Feeds is to get the legacy post data from the record wall and into the record.  We created a simple workflow to do so.

1. Create the workflow. Entity is Post.  In Steps, check condition that Source=Manual Post.  Then Create a Note with relevant Post data.  We used Create By, Modified On and Text.  Regarding should be populated with dynamic data Regarding(post).  This will make sure the note is posted to the correct record.

2. Activate and run the workflow. This will hit all Manual Posts in the system and push them to the Notes of the regarding record.



Process and Note creation



Before - text on the wall



After; text on the Note


by Customer Effective

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