Considerations for Yammer + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

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Yammer integration with CRM allows users to collaborate on customer and opportunity records within the UI of both platforms.  Yammer users are alerted to deal updates and changes to customer statuses regardless of their access to MSCRM.  Users of Microsoft CRM are able to post relevant customer information to Yammer from inside CRM records.  Below is a great demo of the possibilities of Yammer + CRM:

If you are considering turning on your Yammer integration inside of CRM, there are a couple of key considerations.

Yammer Edition: Do you have the right edition of Yammer?  The free version of Yammer is not eligible for direct integration within Microsoft CRM.  You will need the Enterprise version.  Why?  Yammer enterprise has enhanced admin and security privileges that are necessary to write data back and forth to Microsoft CRM.  Plans start at $3/pupm and you can find them here.

Activity Feeds:  Do you actively use Activity Feed user posts?  They will go away when you install Yammer.  You will not be able to simultaneously use Activity Feed user posts and Yammer, and you cannot uninstall Yammer.  Your Activity Feed user posts will only be available via advanced find, but we have developed a simple workflow to move those posts to your Notes section of a form.  Read about it here.  Your auto posts will stay as-is.  This data will continue to live in CRM, although you can send this to a Yammer post if you like.

Security:  Do you need to map your social collaboration system to your CRM security model?   If so, you may want to stay with Activity Feeds and not turn on Yammer inside of CRM.  Yammer posts live inside of Yammer; while Activity Feed posts live inside of CRM.  Conversations in Activity Feeds are limited to CRM users.  When you integrate CRM and Yammer, Yammer users (who aren’t necessarily CRM users) will be able to subscribe to and view post related to CRM records.

Stay tuned to the Customer Effective Blog for more information on Yammer.

by Customer Effective, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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