CRM 2011 Upgrade Tip--Disable Upgrade Registry Keys Post Upgrade

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We recently upgraded a customer from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 UR7. After upgrading and applying the update, we received a Query Builder error message whenever we tried to save changes to System Settings. The detailed message said: "'Organization' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'isuseraccessauditenabled'". This is a field that doesn't exist in 4.0 and should have been created with the update. In the CRM Deployment Manager it appeared that the rollup had been correctly applied to CRM 2011, but the rollup was not properly updating the databases. After quite a few headaches and troubleshooting with Microsoft we finally found the issue:

Within the CRM registry keys, we had set the MaxDopForIndexCreation, SortInTempDB, NumThreadsForIndexCreation, and BatchAddAttributeUpdates registry keys according to the following blog post by the Microsoft developers ( to potentially help improve upgrade performance. Within the blog, the developers noted that these registry keys should only be in place for upgrades and then removed.  We did not remove the keys after the upgrade, but before applying UR7. When we removed these four keys and then applied UR 7, the missing entities were created and we had no problem accessing the System Settings area! In order to successfully upgrade, our procedure should have been:

1) Set the registry keys as noted by the blog above

2) Import the CRM 4.0 database into the CRM 2011 environment

3) Remove the registry keys and restart IIS and CRM services

4) Apply the rollup


Post by: Jaymi Stephens, Customer Effective

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