What is the Sales Person’s Most Valuable Tool?

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Laptops, tablets, and Smartphones – oh my!  Technology and software have evolved so much that we can now access important business data on nearly any mobile device.  This ability has unchained people from their desks and it’s of particular benefit to the sales team, who spend more time meeting with customers than in the office.  Adding to the mobile convenience is cloud-computing which makes it even easier to share data among sales teams, managers, shareholders, and those who use customer data to drive growth.  A mobile device and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM are powerful tools for your sales team. When put together, they may just be the most valuable tool of all!

Microsoft announced back in February that their next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will include native mobile applications for those with Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, iOS, and Android 2.2 and higher applications. Bringing this type of native functionality will greatly improve user experience and make this tool invaluable for your sales staff.

CRM in the cloud holds the information and mobile devices make that information more accessible to sales reps who need it on the go, from anywhere and at any time. According to this article, the productivity of sales reps could jump because of this. In fact, CRM applications on mobile devices already improve productivity 14.6% for sales staff that use them, says Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research for Nucleus Research, and these native apps should work that much better on their respective platforms, she says.

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By Socius, Kansas and Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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