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Choosing a Microsoft Partner

Finance Professionals, Don’t Miss the Online GFOA Conference

The Annual GFOA Conference for Finance Professionals Goes Virtual for 2020   Each year, some of the most accomplished professionals from a range of financial management companies come together for the annual Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) conference.   If you’ve had a chance to attend a GFOA conference in the past, you know what […]

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COVID-19 & Increased Use of Microsoft Teams: Track Minutes

If You’re Using Teams to Work Remotely, Don’t Forget About Your Microsoft Teams Minutes   All across the globe, more people are working remotely than ever before. On the one hand, this makes cloud-based CRM solutions like Dynamics 365 CRM more important than ever. At the same time, more companies are turning to remote communication […]

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Don’t Let the COVID-19 Economy Stop Important Initiatives: Here Are 3 Reasons to Get Started with Your CRM Software Project Now

Worried About the COVID-19 Economy? Here Are 3 Reasons to Get Started with Your CRM Software Project Now   With skyrocketing unemployment, $2 trillion (and counting) added to the national debt, and analysts predicting a global recession, businesses are understandably hesitant to take on new projects. But believe it or not, the current economic conditions […]

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Microsoft Teams: Your Complete Solution for Working Remotely

Need to Transition to Working Remotely? Microsoft Teams is the Solution   In the face of COVID-19, businesses throughout the United States are transitioning their employees to remote-based work.   For some organizations, a remote workforce is nothing new. For many businesses, however, employees working from a shared office space is all they know. Trying […]

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18 Experts Give Advice to CRM Buyers in New eBook – 9 Questions Nobody Asks… But Should

What questions will you ask to find the right CRM Partner for your project? Every partner is ready with the standard answers to the common questions CRM buyers ask about costs, experience, and implementation methodology. So you need to ask harder questions. Questions that really force the partner to think. This will help you uncover […]

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COVID-19 & Building a Strategy to Go Remote: 3 Tips for CIOs

Need to Go Remote? Follow These 3 Tips  With the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses nationwide are faced with the same challenge: transitioning their workforce from office-based to home-based.   For some organizations, having employees who work remotely is nothing new or unusual. But for many businesses, this is unfamiliar territory. If you’re the CIO of […]

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Work Remotely with Microsoft Teams During COVID-19: Tips for Success

Working from Home During COVID-19? Follow These Tips for Success with Microsoft Teams A week ago, Microsoft sent out a message to more than 50,000 employees in the Seattle area. In short, it asked them to start working from home if possible. While Microsoft’s employees were already using Microsoft Teams, the almost immediate transition to […]

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Bank Builds Customer Base with Microsoft Power Platform & AKA

Find Out How This Bank is Building a Loyal Customer Base with the Help of the Microsoft Power Platform Not long ago, the new CTO at a large regional bank made the decision to transform the bank’s digital processes. The technology that the bank was using at the time was outdated, particularly when it came […]

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Microsoft Azure: Companies Work Remotely During COVID-19

Do Your Employees Need to Work Remotely? We Did It in One Weekend with Microsoft Azure: A Fast, Cost-Effective Solution Last week, one of our longstanding clients reached out to us with an urgent need. Just like countless other organizations worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, they needed to get their employees working from home -- […]

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Live Webinar: How Financial Services Firms are Using the Microsoft Power Platform to Accelerate CRM by “Minding the Gap”…Even Around Salesforce!

Have you been to London? Then it’s likely you’ve ridden the Tube (subway) and heard an announcement politely saying as you enter or exit: “Mind the gap.” This deceptively benign statement was put there to warn you to watch out for the space between the platform and the train because if you don’t “mind the […]

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