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Quality Assurance for CRM

CRM allows companies to create, manage, and maintain relationships with existing and future customers and robustly organize their processes. CRM is an empowering tool that helps organizations increase their competitive edge and market worth. This is precisely why a CRM system, much like any other business element, needs to maintain quality.   There is a strong […]

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Microsoft Power Apps Training

                  Microsoft Power Apps Training Microsoft Power Apps training catalog now available from Strava Technology Group. Are you ready for Microsoft Power Apps Training? We have released a full catalog of live, instructor-led training on the Microsoft Power Platform. Training is designed to take an attendee from […]

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Media Industry Post COVID 19: Prioritize CRM & Customer Data

In the Post COVID-19 Media Industry, Customer Data Management Will Be Essential to Success   There’s no question that COVID-19 has created massive challenges for businesses around the globe. But while some industries are struggling to keep up, others find themselves in an opportune position. The media industry is dealing with both, and better customer […]

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Dynamics 365: What is Remote Assist?

Technicians working on-site, in the field, and in remote locations often come across problems which are beyond the purview of their job or their problem-solving ability. Yet, they are expected to resolve issues at the earliest and ensure there is no interruption in the part being manufactured, the line being tested and the inventory being […]

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Improve Forecasting with Dynamics 365 For Sales 2020 Release Wave 1

If your business is sales, your number one asset is your customers. And customer satisfaction will determine your ultimate success or failure. There are many philosophies and many tools promoting sales efficiency, and in a competitive marketplace, it’s vital to choose the tools that add value and efficiency to your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for […]

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April 2020 New Feature Deep Dive: Sales Forecasting Webinar

Stop playing the guessing game! Being able to predict the revenue of your organization is vital. An accurate revenue forecast allows for planning, focusing on the right aspects of your business, making informed strategic decisions, budgeting, and allocating resources appropriately, just to name a few. This, in turn, saves you time and money. One of […]

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How to Customize Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) Solution

We recently talked about the benefits of customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365: from fields to forms and various business processes and workflows, you can adapt almost anything to your specific needs and realitiesBy ensuring your customer relationship management solution works well with your organization’s business processes, you can increase productivity, efficiency and user adoption across your […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Own Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM?

In today’s business world, all types and sizes of businesses can benefit from the efficiency of a comprehensive CRM(Customer Relationship Management) solution. If your company hopes to grow and expand, it’s even more valuable. When you hope to increase your client base, open new offices, or expand into new markets nearby or around the globe, […]

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Best Practices to Get Paid Faster – Building a Successful Recurring/Subscription Business​

As Simon Sinek says – “Start with Why”? Volumes play an important role in a subscription business. This revenue is billed more frequently, in fact monthly- for 1 customer you are generating 12 invoices a year! The invoices are typically smaller in size than one-off sales. If you are reselling products (which is true for […]

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9 Make or Break Questions That You Should Ask Your CRM Partner

It’s no secret that choosing the right CRM partner is vital to success. While the right partner will successfully manage the project professionally, the wrong partner will stumble through the implementation, leaving you wondering how you ended up so far over budget and away from reaching your goals. To keep you from experiencing such regret, […]

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