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Customize Your CRM Software’s Feature Set with Cloud Native and AKA

Need Custom Features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Cloud Native Can Help!    “We love our CRM solution! It’s great. But…”   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from a client. No one’s ever completely satisfied with their CRM. Companies want to know if this or that CRM will be “the one” […]

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Highlights of Upcoming Dynamics 365 October 2019 Updates

Setting the Stage During the recent Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Microsoft announced the availability of the "2019 Release Wave 2 Plan". The Release Plan covers all of the upcoming updates for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform (PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Power BI). For many CRM users the breadth of areas to keep up with […]

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How Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Adds Value to Your Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was developed to organize and keep track of customer information, and it certainly does that. But growing businesses are finding that modern CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM go way beyond simply saving and filing information and can now also drive growth and add value to their organization. Here are […]

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Construction / Engineering – Project Email

Project Email - the Nemesis of effective Document Management Recent studies have concluded that Project Staff spend an average of 5.5 hours per week searching for Project Information, and 52% of rework is caused by poor communication. Clearly, effective Document Control plays a critical role in mitigating this problem, but what about Project Email? Microsoft […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 On-Premise vs Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 on-premise vs online - know the differences in deployment models. There are a number of significant differences between Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 on-premise vs online.  Each model should be carefully examined in deciding the best model for your business. Microsoft CRM on-premise was released in 2003 and went through several versions […]

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Retailers selling guns are banned from using Salesforce CRM. Time to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gun restrictions have been taken to a new level.  Salesforce has decided to ban their customers from selling automatic and semiautomatic weapons, 3D-printed guns, accessories such as magazines (more than ten rounds) and flash or sound suppressors.     The public affairs director for the National Shooting Sports Foundation,Mark Oliva,  suggested that this Salesforce policy change was an example of yet another corporation using its power to advance left-wing […]

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IPM Project Management for Construction – Now on AppSource!

Now available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online! With the long awaited release of IPM Project Management on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), it doesn’t matter what your business looks like …. If it is project based, IPM has a project management solution, which integrates natively with Microsoft Project, Office 365, Outlook, Power BI and SharePoint. Built […]

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Need Decision Maker Buy-In on a Business App? We can help!

You’ve seen a demo of a Rockton product and you are SOLD! But your decision maker may not be up to speed yet. Sometimes it may require a little more information on the benefits, support, features, and functionality to get things moving forward.  We can help make your work simpler and easier® and that includes getting the decision maker buy-in. Featured Products  Recurring Billing  […]

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Best Practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Management and Patch Deployment

Do you find yourself making changes directly in Production? If you don't get it perfect the first time, this can really impact your users, nullify user adoption and introduce unnecessary “down time."   In this one hour webinar, we will cover best practices surrounding using different organizations to develop and test your changes. You will […]

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6 Things I Love About Working for Microsoft Dynamics Partner, AKA

Why I Love Working for AKA Enterprise Solutions As I enter my fourth year at AKA Enterprise Solutions (a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner) I want to share a bit about why I love working here. A little about me: I received training in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in college, started work immediately after graduating, […]

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