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Dynamics 365 Best Practices

One of the great features of Dynamics 365 is that you can easily configure the system to meet your needs. Creating new entities, fields, and views can be done through the current interface and without the need to have development knowledge and write code. Workflows can be created by users to help them perform some […]

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Shopping for CRM? Stop Here First

If you are the person who has been tasked with researching and budgeting for a new or updated CRM (Customer Resource Management) solution for your business, no doubt Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM has made its way to the top of your shortlist. It is one of the most popular and highly rated solutions because of the […]

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AI for Asset Management: Retailer & Wholesaler Lines of Business

AI for Asset Management: How AI Can Help Manage Retailer & Wholesaler Lines of Business As anyone in the industry can tell you, asset management is highly competitive. At the end of the day, your company’s competitive edge -- or lack thereof -- comes down to two things: having the right data and executing on […]

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Manage your KPIs with Dynamics 365 Goals

Goal management in Dynamics 365 is a tool which provides the ability to manage KPIs in just a few clicks. You can use goals to compare targets and actuals for a defined period. And given the fact that Goals is an out of the box feature with Dynamics 365, you can set them up in […]

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7 Reasons Why Companies Prefer Microsoft Dynamics 365 to

The Dynamics 365 Advantage: 7 Reasons to Choose Dynamics 365 Over Salesforce When it comes to choosing a CRM software solution, you might be tempted to go with the company that boasts the greatest market share. Salesforce commands 25% of the CRM market, and many businesses assume that this makes Salesforce the obvious choice. In […]

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Mettre à jour le prix des commandes clients en cours dans Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 permet de verrouiller les prix des produits des commandes clients, ce qui peut causer des difficultés aux utilisateurs lorsqu’ils tentent de mettre à jour le prix unitaire. Lorsque cette situation se présente, elle peut être gérée de deux façons différentes : Via le ruban de la barre d’outils Via l’icône représentant un cadenas […]

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How to Be Sure You’re Getting the Most Out of Your CRM Solution

If your CRM system is not doing all you hoped it would, there are two common reasons. Either the system was not set up properly with your processes in mind, or perhaps your sales team is not using it properly, or at all. To the untrained, CRM systems can seem difficult to learn and there […]

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Amazing & So Simple > Attach Documents from SharePoint to CRM Email

Amazing & So Simple > Attach Documents from SharePoint to CRM Email Dynamics SPO uploads documents from CRM to SharePoint. By adding SPO Organizer records as sub-grid to the form, the document’s locations are available in CRM. Click the plus “+” sign on sub grid to upload more documents or attach documents stored in SharePoint […]

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Adding Value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Document Generation

Automation has always been a popular concept. Once a staple of science fiction lore, it’s now become part of modern daily lives. One example is office automation which began back in the day with basic document management.  It wasn’t long ago that everyone used typewriters and filing cabinets to manage their office documents, until PCs […]

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Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure: What Every CTO Needs to Know (Part 1)

Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure: 3 Things Every CTO Should Know I’m often asked why I opt to use Microsoft Azure rather than Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to the available data, Amazon is outperforming Microsoft in terms of market share, and the assumption is that this means AWS must be better. This sort […]

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